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"The Cloud": In a matter of a few minutes, Voyager loses 11% of its energy reserves. Over the course of the episode, they lose 20%.

By the end of "Deadlock," Voyager has 18% of antimatter reserves remaining, at most.

tells us that Voyager's warp core is meant for three years of normal use between refueling.

and "Real Life" - we learn Voyager has Bussard scoops, which - per "The Haunting of Deck 12" - do not emit nadions.

"The Chute"
- there are paralithium-powered ships in the Delta Quadrant. This is distinct from, but similar to, dilithium powered ships, as both can produce trilithium relatively easily.

- a conduit on Voyager is channeling 5 million gigawatts (5 petawatts) while the ship is stationary.

59.2% of the power of the Sarosen ship went into life support. This would appear extraordinary on reflection.

In the "Year of Hell," Kim thinks he can bring the power grid, currently operating at 32% efficiency, up to 50%.

"Hunters" - the Hirogen use a centimeter-wide quantum singularity, estimated to have a 4 TW output, to power their relay station. A centimeter wide black hole under normal conditions would emit practically no radiation and have approximately the mass of Earth. Later in the episode, it is suggested that the energy this singularity puts out in a minute equals that of a typical Sun-like star in a year.

Seven of Nine's alcove required thirty megawatts of power. Considering the typical crew size of Borg ships, this suggests that a typical Borg life support system requires about 300 gigawatts. The cube that captured the Hansens carried 308,000 drones, suggesting a cube's life support system is designed around a terawatt range peak capacity.
The energy matrix of a "Warhead" is enough to "power a fleet of starships," and is worth "a thousand dilithium crystals."

"Riddles" - the Ba'Neth are hiding something huge in a nine million terawatt cloaking field. 3000 life forms, 22 ships.

"Small Step" - "Say good morning to 30 million terajoules of subspace energy." Kilometer plus gravitational anomaly.

"Spirit Folk" - Michael Sullivan is a "300 deciwatt holodeck program."

"Good Shepherd" - Torres routes five additional terawatts of output to the sensor array.

Ninety percent of the Delta Flyer's antimatter stores are neutralized; this inhibits speed to warp 2.

"Muse" - B'Elanna discovers the Delta Flyer has insufficient power on hand to run - so she sends her native captor out to go get dilithium.