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Phage: "The amount of information this think can gather puts a tricorder to shame. You fire this at someone, you learn everything about their anatomy, right down to their DNA sequencing." Omicron particles, collected, can provide an antimatter reserve.
This series made reasonably frequent use of "memory engrams." Apparently reading memory mechanically is not so hard now.
Apparently the Klingon immune system is extraordinarily exceptional indeed; the "phage" that the Vidiians have been fighting for millenia, which has thus far defeated organ replacements from assorted Delta Quadrant species, simply can't touch a Klingon.
Metremia causes the body's atomic structure to undergo fission. This seems a rather hazardous disease to be anywhere near.
In "Maneuvers," they intend to make transport at the relative speed of 2 billion miles per second, i.e., 10,750c. Then, over in "Warlord," beaming out an intensively irradiated crew whose warp core is leaking severely requires closing to 5,000 km. The Q aren't omnipotent after all - just close enough to it so as not to make any difference to humans.
"Flashbacks" tells us there were no holodecks and no replicators in the TOS era.
"Unity" - "As I'm sure you're aware, the Borg collective consciousness is extremely powerful. It allowed us to transfer information instantaneously, to think with one mind."
This link also functions as a healing field.
This episode makes it clear that the Borg link is telepathic in nature; people without any implants can experience it.
Breen ships are organic.
"Day of Honor" - Borg drones receive energy from the Borg alcove, and do not eat.
Voyager's main computer: "Simultaneous access to forty seven million data channels, trans-luminal processing at five hundred seventy five trillion calculations per nanosecond." "Operational temperature margins from ten degrees kelvin to one thousand seven hundred ninety degrees kelvin."
"Mortal Coil" - Borg can bring back "dead" drones up to 73 hours after death.
"Drone" - an advanced "future" Borg drone has reactive armor and internal transporter nodes, and survives the destruction of a Borg sphere.
"Extreme Risk" - the sport of orbital skydiving is intriguing, and has some curious applications.
"In the Flesh" - in WWIII, nuclear weapons accounted for roughly 600 million casualties.
"Timeless" - Seven of Nine apparently has no tolerance for synthehol, drunk off one glass of wine. However, she modifies nanoprobes to sober up an ambassador in "Someone to Watch Over Me." In "Body and Soul," this is low tolerance is mentioned - although nine glasses hardly qualify as a small amount for someone Seven's size.
LaForge, in the timeline seen in "Timeless," has command of the U.S.S. Challenger.
"11:59" - According to Ensign Kim, space travel in 2210 involved stasis for a six month trip to Beta Capricornis. The greatest irony of Voyager is that Tuvok is a much better cook than Neelix, as "Riddles" and "Tuvix" clearly demonstrate.
"Fury" - cancer was cured in the 21st century.
"Flesh and Blood" - Hirogen vessels have a blind spot - a 5 km cone to their rear - while at warp.