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Major updates:

9-23-2007: Among numerous minor updates, the Voyager FTL page has been heavily organized and rewritten.

8-13-2007: Star Wars FTL pages updated.

3-11-2007: If the website goes down in the near future, expect it to be back up within a few days.

10-11-2006: At this point, there should be no more broken button images as the latest updates to the main site push through. A major update: The wiki has a new default skin, graphically themed to fit (more or less) with the rest of the website.

9-20-2006: Continued updates to appearance and format are progressing through the entire website. A few pages may lag behind as I clean up any odd code bugs. Check out the newly rewritten guide to site navigation.

9-9-2006: You should now see a colorful Starfleet Jedi banner at the top of all pages within the main website. A similar banner may eventually grace the forums. Updates to internal navigation are partially in progress.

8-31-2006: An update of most of the sublight pages in well in progress; a couple other major updates are in the works. I'll announce them when they're complete.

8-17-2006: It's been a year since I started this website! See here to read me talk about it. Also, finally wrote Overall Overview (a1). It was about time.

8-14-2006: An assortment of minor updates here and there, and one big one: There are now forums here.

5-16-2006: There is now a text based site map to make navigation slightly easier.

5-11-2006: The databank has been launched.

5-10-2006: Assorted minor updates to a couple dozen pages, primarily in linking and presentation rather than actual content.

03-18-2006: The TESB Shields page has received a major update, including a long overdue look at what really makes hull armor impressive. Expect to see similar updates of other pages dealing with hull strength against impacts soon.

01-17-2006: Progress on putting up links to relevant external articles has continued slowly. Major rewrites and new material can be found throughout the sections on fleets and STL travel.

01-07-2006: The site is being reformatted slightly to become a better resource for information. Related links to each page article will be displayed to the right of the article text, with an icon and brief description. Suggestions for links would be appreciated; please e-mail any specific suggestions to

01-03-2006: The first major update of the new year contains a few more details on comparative power generation, and the roughest of notes on Voyager.

12-23-2005: The links page is no longer empty. Readers will also be pleased to know that rough draft pages on Voyager will be uploaded soon.

12-17-2005: The DS9 Weapons page is now essentially complete after a long dry spell. Also, an interpretation that manages to explain all the quirks of Star Wars power generation as seen in the movies and novelizations is up on the Star Wars Power Generation page.

10-03-2005: The Warp Travel in TNG page has been reorganized and rewritten into a usable form.

09-29-2005: Assorted minor updates over the last three weeks should have fixed any navigation bar errors remaining.

09-07-2005: ENT sections now actually uploaded in draft format. Some navigation bar errors have been fixed. Overview of Weapons page written.

09-03-2005: ENT is now fully roughed out in draft format.

08-23-2005: Categories currently not included as written articles include the Database as well as Statistics and Voyager. TOS and ANH sections are otherwise functionally complete.

08-18-2005: First rough draft uploads of articles.