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What if the United Earth military had space branch that control one more starships.

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:34 pm
by Jasonbelkin
First things took lot long for Xindi to effective build plan destroy Earth. Basic put orbit defense stations around Earth. Armed with arreys like what they had on Moon would power to shot a Vuclan or Kligion warship liklry armed with multi of them. Would Xindi super weapon likely heavy damage or destroyed. Combine that with space mines and Xindi attack Earth simple not happen.
Xindi might attempt biological weapons they have to use time travel. Hard get information.

Effect had on Kligions this is iffy one. Kligion talk about attack Earth likely not happen. Vuclan done very little to try stop other explain they would protect there human allies. Simple type human had for defense if they should choice the arrey that on moon as weapon put space stations would action form space artillery. On top that Archer let go by order Kligion high council simple fear this in Star Trek Ent Judgement.

Also MACO taking into Merchant marines guessing they do not have something even little better anti boarding parties since metchent fleet did issue pirates and some starship used to back them up.