What does disband MACO say possible UFP having special forces

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What does disband MACO say possible UFP having special forces

Post by Jasonbelkin » Wed May 29, 2019 5:55 pm

One could very easily argue that disband MACO rule out any form Starfleet special force few problem this argument.

First Borg assimilate Subaltern Lorot now two possible first Vuclan science fleet. After all the Federation poor armed science ship to face Borg at Wolf 359. Vuclan did have defense vessels available if these little then decommission and science and research ship equipment for combat or real design for combat is unknown.

Strong evidence Andorian Imperial Guard existed at the time of Star Trek discovery Caption of the Laikan Military Academy were one Caption want though advance interstellar combat.

Now Kligion war might will been to short Starfleet security to see the need for command and control of what special forces member world existed. Since entire war less then a year.

Strong evidence Star Trek Nor battle to the strong Starfleet did seem form at least train combat troops. His statement that fly though battle simulation. Know with the way he said it hard to say foot soldier or some specialize security force. Statement does not confirm or denied only real piece some specialize security would fact Colony invade by the Kligions. UFP not able get reinforcement there. So Colony left at least for the most part with what ever Starfleet personal they had there this does not rule out though possible Starfleet had personal Garrison on that planet.

Other hand Starfleet few problem realistic creative special force some kind or another.

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