Daredevil(Netflix) vs Green Arrow(CW)

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Daredevil(Netflix) vs Green Arrow(CW)

Post by Sideswipe » Fri Mar 18, 2016 2:12 am

I've been re watching season 1 of Daredevil since season 2 is nigh upon us and got to thinking...

A hand to hand free for all in a abandoned warehouse, who walks out?

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Re: Daredevil(Netflix) vs Green Arrow(CW)

Post by Praeothmin » Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:59 am


I haven't had the pleasure of watching the show yet, but I've seen some fights on YouTube...
Less flashy, more "realistic" (in terms of actual fighting techniques used), and DD seems to be able to take blunt punishment like no other...

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Re: Daredevil(Netflix) vs Green Arrow(CW)

Post by Mr. Oragahn » Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:44 pm

Having had mild enjoyment in watching Arrow before it turned into a drama show featuring neutered non-green non-lethal Arrrrrrraw, and Daredevil who was so cool before he doned the meh suite and looked gay during the last minute of the show...

Arrow's main advantages involve surviving bullet rains at close quarters and manging to close the remaining distance to finish adversaries by fists (logical, for a guy who shoots arrows). This "power" is irrelevant against Daredevil, who happens not only to be a beast with quite a lot of stamina, but being simply having made hand to hand combat his way of dealing with baddies, using all sorts of discrete approaches and acrobatics moves to crush solid blows on his opponents' heads, all combined into an efficient fist of fury technique.
Arrow fights with his bow, which is just as cumbersome as it is actually lacking in adequate weight.
Daredevil can count on certain surprising abilities. First of all, his flame sight: he's not really blind, he sees things in a way not too dissimilar to Matrix's Neo in the real world. He can smell and hear stuff through floors and walls which is quite stupid and implies a scanning that otherwordly to some degree. He has an increased audition that's so hax that he can recognize which brand of biscuit you're eating by the noise you make chewing them.
Admitedly, none of them would matter much unless some non-green dude decides to go hiding.

Simply because of the way he's been beating foes and sometimes whole packs of them, I'd say this one goes to Daredevil.

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