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GStone is an StarfleetJedi wiki editor, every so often deleting spam pages.

He also finds it funny that the SDN wiki claims he is an active Buffy, the Vampire Slayer role-player. Given that the only game he every played was when he was about 6 years old, that the game was D&D (where he was a thief or something) and was killed off within about 5 minutes or so of the start of the game and has never returned to rpgs, the idea that he is somehow an active participant is laughable to him.

As far as his page on the SDN wiki is concerned, he feels that if they wanted to make a propaganda page about him, it should also reference his vehement stance of how the Federation's chances against The Culture of Iain M. Banks' novels aren't as slim as many people think they are. He feels that there should be a link to the thread on's forum that has both the original version of his stance and the latest version. This is a debating stance that has raised the brow of people from both sides of the Trek v Wars debate. He is also surprised that such a thing has not been added before now.

Addendum [January 9, 2008]***

Finally, it was posted by Ted C to GStone's SDN wiki entry that he has his stance on the Culture v Federation fight. Yet, it's limited to just one sentence worth of information. That is what he finds more surprising.

It is has also been changed to say that GStone 'is rumored to be an active participant' in BtVS rpgs. And yet, not Ted C or the oringal writer of GStone's SDN wiki entry (Darth Servo) are willing to provide evidence that GStone ever participated in the BtVS rpg. But, he isn't surprised that a charge without evidence is being used in a smear campaign against him. It has already been said that GStone said he would have to kill the one he said certain things to (in paraphrased form, of course), while linking the paraphrasing to a page only accessible to those that are members of SDN's board.

GStone has said he has never said to anyone that he would have to kill them, if he told them a specific thing. Not in paraphrased form and not with explicit, specific wording. He feels that printing such libel on an internet web page is so utterly common.

Special interests:

  • Entreating spirits to do things for him;
  • Watching The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy;
  • Finding ever increasingly simpler and obvious ways for the Federation to kick the ass of The Culture from Iain M. Bank's Culture-verse in a versus debate;
  • Overall techie-ness with a very well track record of explaining scifi tech in terms of real world physics;
  • Missing the opportunity of going one-on-one with SDN's Vympel because he liked ever so much trouncing Vympel's arguments;
  • The upcoming movie, The Dark Knight.

Turn offs:

  • Midget pron = midgets with regular sized people makes him think of kiddie porn. Disgusting;
  • Not seeing The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy;
  • Not being a techie God, but not wanting followers or sycophants;
  • Wet turkey, like Carolina turkey;
  • Coming of age stories;
  • Mayo.

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