Rules of the forum

The rules of this forum are posted here. Read them.
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Rules of the forum

Post by Jedi Master Spock » Tue Aug 15, 2006 2:40 am

In truth, this board has one rule:

All discourse is to be reasonable, polite, and informative.

To this end, the following simple specific rules should be kept in mind and followed at all times:
  • No flaming. Insults, attacks, and rudeness all serve as obstacles to discourse; they will not be tolerated.
  • No spamming. Posts devoid of content are subject to deletion.
  • Stay on topic. If you must digress a great deal, create a new thread to deal with the digression. Discussion not suited to the forum being used should be brought to another forum.
  • Obey all rules specific to the forum section. Some forum sections have additional rules.
  • When in doubt, do what the moderation staff said to.
  • Act in good faith. Trolling, dishonesty, and other forms of insincere behavior may be penalized at our discretion.
The following are very good pieces of advice:
  • Personal information is irrelevant - yours or someone else's.
  • Take a deep breath, think, and read carefully before replying.
  • Check spelling and grammar before posting. If you have a lot of trouble with that (or with server lag), consider writing your posts up with a word processor first. Spellcheck, grammar check, and then copy and paste.
  • If you're just repeating what you (or someone else) just said, it's probably not worth posting.
  • If you just want to post up information, consider the Starfleet Jedi Open Database. We could always use more contributors.
  • If you feel the moderators have acted unjustly, you are welcome to make an appeal in private to the administrator - but have all your ducks in a row. Don't waste my time with unfounded complaints.
Repeated violation of the board rules may result in temporary or permanent bans.

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