Theory why Riker opposed send USS Enterprise C back Yesterday Enterprise

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Theory why Riker opposed send USS Enterprise C back Yesterday Enterprise

Post by Jasonbelkin » Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:03 am

My theory why Riker opposed send back USS Enterprise C in Yesterday Enterprise was because total a were of Section 31.

Guessing the Borg not the reason UFP thinking of surrender to the Klingon Empire and there is some evidence to suggestion this include. Why USS Enterprise D first place check the unusual radiation anomaly.

Section 31 in Star Trek discovery will you take my hand was ready lay wastes to Klingon Empire this start with Klingon homeworld on then want other major systems all likelihood.

So why did Riker not just tell Pircard that Section 31 going handle the problem.
First 5 Star Trek Caption that we know about he only one of I say three that real would not go along with it.
Sisko would look what he willing to do Maquis
Jameway most likely would even though she does go UFP regulations to extremes some time cost her ship and crew. Star Trek Scropean openly point this out.
Kirk just yes.
Archer no or at least from what we know about him. He not even willing to use biological weapon disable the Xindi crew aboard the Xindi super weapon.
Few possible reason first Pircard not believe Commander Riker.
Second possible reason Commander Riker afraid Pircard take actions to prevent if awere of being option.

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