Was little complex why MACO disbanded

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Was little complex why MACO disbanded

Post by Jasonbelkin » Mon Oct 15, 2018 5:12 am

Scott said we UFP not militery agency but, was this only reason.
Let look few facts
First MACO that send back Archer on mission against Xindi not much better equipment for mission at hand then stander security on NX Enterprise. They had basic stun baton none lethal weapon. They had granade may or may not had kill setting. Last but, not least they did have sniper rifles something NX security total lack and better train hand to hand combat. At best they at least hand lethal hand grenades at worst only brought was hand to hand combat training to NX Enterprise.

Now this what know about Starfleet military able. First we Starfleet is response for the defense of Federation when come both air support and space combat. They maybe response completely for ground combat this hardly confirm. UFP operation a Navy both exploration of Federation worlds and ensuring security in there oceans. This likely include some from Federation special force to deal Piracy on top basic science and research mission. Very likely two agency took the place of United Earth military

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