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Post by Roondar » Fri Nov 30, 2007 2:22 pm

watchdog wrote:Exactly, it can't be stressed enough the difference in naval tactics in star trek and star wars. He makes the claim that trek ships fight similar to the age of sail ships with some Roman boarding tactics thrown in he uses the Klingon assault on DS-9 as an example, hello that was a space station, a port if you will think of it more along the lines of an amphibious assault. Besides, what exactly do we see stormtroopers doing the first time they appear. Star Trek uses line tactics because they can, their ships are maneuverable enough to make them work. Just sitting there trading shots without trying to get out of the way is a poor tactic, and sad to say all we've ever seen star wars ships doing was moving in a slow straight line while blasting at one another.
At this point someone will probably pull out the E-D's slow clumsy evasive move from ST-Generations, so easy to compleatly ignore 40 years of trek maneuvering in order to prop up one single scene from one single movie.
Besides, the E-D was hit already at that point wasn't it?

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Post by watchdog » Fri Nov 30, 2007 10:16 pm

Roondar wrote:Besides, the E-D was hit already at that point wasn't it?
Yes the Enterprise had been hit when the Klingons found a way to bypass the shields, I dont think that affected the impulse engines though.
I have seen this used to show that trek has crappy aim, just as I've seen an incident from Voyager's first season used to show that they still get hit while doing evasive maneuvers.
Very few people seriously argue for 100 % acurracy, but the evasive example kinda shows how much better at targeting they are though.

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