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Post by Mr. Oragahn » Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:59 pm

Now that's another kind of series centered on pitting known super characters against each other.
The introduction isn't the best part imho (but there are real girls, and sometimes wet girls at the end too), but if you're looking for some kind of relatively well done fanfictionesque live action, you'll probably appreciate those.
The outcome is largely based on the popularity of a character over the other though, not on his or her abilities, but it's always presented in a balanced way until the end.
Sometimes, the final tally was so precariously on the fence that alternate ends have been made.

Here's a good one: Darth Vader VS Gandalf

It's chiefly Gandalf the Grey, based on the movie version clearly.
Many fans pointed out that from the description of the wizard from the books, it would have been a total carnage in favour of the Maiar.
Well, indeed. If we stop there. Though the duel also largely ignored the high end that one would find in the deepest reaches of the recently defunct (but quickly reanimated) Expanded Universe of Star Wars.
Tom Evans wrote: +DOW777 " These Vader fanboys don't have a clue about what Gandalf is, "'

Because that would require reading canon that's in books NOT film, while with Vader it's the opposite... meanwhile if you use the Star Wars EU then you can pretty much find anything you want; it's basically an endless manure-pile where the more you dig, the deeper the shit gets, and so a Force-user is basically God.
So if you're ever in a vs. debate and someone mentions the EU, just invoke the Star Wars version of Godwin's Law because the shop is closed for all further business... if you don't believe me, check out

And may the Force be with you, because God won't be able to help.
Oh? :)

One that left me dubious was Captain America vs Master Chief.

It hinges on the same problem of whether you agree that MC really can do some crazy stuff or stick with the most generous elements shown in the cutscenes of the Halo games.
Meanwhile, CA has opposed powerful enemies and won. But then again, it seems they took most of their evidence from the movies, despite offering a summary of CA's best feats that were not found in the movies.

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