Best Star Trek series Intro

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Favorite Star Trek Intros (2 votes per person)

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Best Star Trek series Intro

Post by Darth Spock » Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:53 pm

Something a bit lighter hearted. Which Star Trek show do you guys think had the best opening? I'm including two votes per member on the poll here, as I have a hunch only one would result in a lack of variety with one show hogging all the attention.

Now for my ranked order:

#1 Voyager
My personal favorite. The music and visuals managed to simultaneously evoke a sense of adventure and excitement, peace and beauty that was just perfect. I can't help but see the intro for Voyager and just want to sit down and watch what was in store.

#2 The Next Generation
While it doesn't elicit the same strong reaction of Voyager, it is still fantastic. It strikes me as being the perfect refinement and culmination of the Original's iconic theme, with great visuals, an exciting score, complete with Sir Stewart's rolling "R's" in the famous intro dialogue. For me it will always be the theme of Star Trek.

#3 The Original Series
Not my favorite, but definitely a classic, the one that started it all. I think TNG took everything good about this and brought to the next level, but it will always be the original.

#4 Enterprise
It was a definite departure from the norm, and like many, I didn't care for it at first. With time however, watching back to back episodes on DVD, I found myself no longer skipping the intro, and it kind of grew on me. While the use of something that sounded like a would be pop song with lyrics seemed a bit off the mark at first, it still does mesh well with the overall spirit of Star Trek. And I have to give them credit for originality.

#5 Deep Space Nine
With its similarities to TNG and VOY, I would think that this would rank higher on my list. But ultimately it just felt like it was trying too hard. The dramatic music just feels slow and cumbersome, while the visuals show numerous ships floating lazily around an unusual looking space station in the middle of nowhere. It reminds me a lot of the drawn out scene from TMP when Kirk slowly approaches the Enterprise. It's supposed to be awe inspiring, but I quickly find myself thinking "OK, I get it, it's big and impressive, can we move it along?"

#6 Discovery
I don't really mind the theme of blueprint schematics, but what starts out perking my interest quickly degenerates into what feels like a commercial for a large tech company. I kept expecting an announcer to chime in and tell me how the Federation is leading the industry in biological quantum mechanics technology. The "music" is uninspiring, the visuals pointless, and the amount of beige just seems wrong for what is supposed to be an exciting space adventure.

While this doesn't include all the variations, here's some links to quickly review the intros:
TOS through ENT

What about you guys? Which were your favorites?

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Re: Best Star Trek series Intro

Post by Praeothmin » Thu May 02, 2019 8:18 pm

Damn, pretty much the same order as you with one exception...

While I totally despise Voyager as a series, I felt the intro was the best, closely followed by TNG, and then TOS, but then DS9 and after that ENT...

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