Better late than never!

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Better late than never!

Post by Roondar » Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:07 pm

Hi everyone!

I admit this is late, but I've recently joined in on the fun. Back after a while, since I was part of the old forums all that time ago.

Some relevant data:

Favorite SF: Dr. Who (it moved up bigtime after seeing the end of season two)
2nd Favorite SF: Startrek - excepting TAS, which I never saw.
VS Stance: Pro Startrek, neutral on most others. Not really anti-SW, but not convinced of their 'ubah' powers either. No fan of the EU (SW or ST).
Best* regular ST characters: Cpt. Picard, Kirk&Spock&Bones and Cpt. Archer.
Best* SW characters: Palpatine always wins this one - he is so uber devious and alround eviiiil I just must respect him. Han Solo is a good second - he seems to be the most sane of the rebels.

Worst ST/SW characters: Jar Jar, Young Anakin and Neelix + all those "I can barely read up this text from this here board" Admirals in ST.
Best Doctor: Difficult, I'm tempted to go with the current one but Tom Baker is good as well.

*) In amusement factor from watching them, not actor quality ;)

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Post by Socar » Tue Nov 13, 2007 9:05 am

Hey, I've already seen you posting, but I felt like welcoming you anyway. :)

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