Space Marines (40k) vs Cylon Centurions {BSG}

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Space Marines (40k) vs Cylon Centurions {BSG}

Post by sonofccn » Tue Nov 03, 2015 5:45 pm

During a perilous and particularly turbulent voyage into the Warp to subdue a rebellious planet a Marine Strike Cruiser with a 100 strong detachment of bog standard Ultramarines and a generic allotment of Naval Ratings/Armsmen is waylaid of course into uncharted space. Even the light of the blessed Emperor of Man fails to reach the hellish shores they've been washed upon and they are adrift and lost until coming into contact with a Cylon Basestar.

Finding the apparent offshoot of the blasphemous Iron Men from Mankind's lost history abhorrent any attempt at peaceful contact breaks down and the two ships battle it with the Strike Cruiser quickly overpowering and crippling the Basestar in preparation to boarding her. The Marines needing to obtain the ship's starcharts from its central computer in hopes of trying to navigate back to the Imperium of Man.

Conversely the Cylons want to hold out/destroy the invading Marines until reinforcements arrive defeating or driving off the absolutely psychotic "lost tribe" of Colonials they've uncovered.

Scenario A: The Basestar is from the Original series and the Marines have to face against a horde, say several hundred to a couple thousand, of Old style Centurions commanded by a generic IL-Series Cylon

Scenario B: The Basestar is from the reimagined series and the Marines have to face against a horde, say several hundred to a couple of thousand, consisting of 80% of modern Cylon Centurions and 20% of the Cylon War era Model 0005. They are led by a generic Humaniod Cylon model One.

How does everyone fare?

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Re: Space Marines (40k) vs Cylon Centurions {BSG}

Post by Mr. Oragahn » Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:26 pm

I can't say I'm that impressed by what the old Cylons pewpew guns can do. But they're surely good enough as SF weapons to match those of the Imperial Guard. Several shots would be needed to take down a Space Marine. The robots are quite dumb but have the advantage of knowing their ship and having superior numbers.
oBSG had impressive heavy weapons though, and shields, so the Basestar wouldn't be that much damaged (some calcs were downright dumb iirc).
I couldn't say much but I'd perhaps go with a 50/50 on that one.

For the second case, it's very tough to say!
I truly depends a lot on what you think lasguns are in Warhammer 40000. Sometimes their projectiles are likened to bullets.
As they do pose a threat to SMs, the Centurions' kinetic guns couldn't be ignored.
But really, the clankers' firepower isn't an absolute winner against the Colonials (although they do use heavy rifles and have rocket launchers too at times), and their armour doesn't protect them from Colonial firearms.
Space Marines have very powerful weapons and wouldn't care much about leaving holes in the hull too, although they'd be weary of causing irreversible damage that would threaten the ship's integrity. Talking of ships, seeing how a Basestar is approximately made of tissue paper in comparison to the Strike Cruiser, the SMs might be boarding a ship that could be hard to wade through if it had been previously shot at. At this point, they may even refrain from boarding the wrecked ship and just continue shooting at it.
In fact, there would likely be no ship left at all.

A Centurion will therefore be outmatched, but it's also very resilient. It's essentially like a flesh-less Terminator 800 and if a Space Marine isn't careful enough, the overall total firepower a Centurion can deliver could be serious enough to damage the power armour to the point of destroying some servos or even hitting the SM's body. Although SMs are supermen with lots of enhancements, they still die too against regular firepower as deployed by the Infantry Guard.

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