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Who wins, then?

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Post by Roondar » Thu Mar 26, 2009 1:10 pm

Mr. Oragahn wrote:
Narsil wrote: And that's to say nothing of the Whoniverse, in which Dalek solution to life actually being in the multiverse is to completely annihilate the whole lot of it at once by setting off a gigantic Reality Bomb.
In theory. They never tested it. And if they did, and it worked, erm... they couldn't report on it. Because if it was that absolute weapon of doom, then there's no form of dimension, universe of whatever else that could escape.
True, but it doesn't quite seem out of the realms of possibility that their device would work (given what usually happens in Dr. Who). I mean the TARDIS itself was, with a bit of work, capable of sustaining a universe-altering time paradox pretty much indefinetly. The Daleks apperantly have similar or better tech at their disposal.

Besides, didn't they start 'erasing stars in a hurry' well before the Doctor pressed the reset button? That's what I recall from that episode anyway.

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Post by Narsil » Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:13 pm

It did actually work in the episode Turn Left when we saw the effects of it with all the 'stars going out'. The Doctor prevented it from happening by getting there first*, cloning himself, acquiring a small army of companions and trying to shove far too much into the hour.

* - I don't count the Doctor getting there first as going back to press a reset button because he's a time traveller by default.

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