40K firepower analysis 1 (pdf)

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Re: 40K firepower analysis 1 (pdf)

Post by WhiteLion » Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:24 pm

Thank you very much for the clemency towards my English :). Speeches like Star Wars versus Star Trek or 40k I never do because they are very speculators, too many variables, such a discourse never leads to any real conclusion, we always end up exaggerating, we can only do an idea but this does not it is never conclusive.
The speech that I did instead I tried to base it on objective data, available to anyone reading the various books, if you are interested I can report precise quotations. In my opinion the only sensible discourse regarding possible comparisons between different scifi series can be made only by having numbers, for example comparing the power of the weapons, the resistance of the shields and the number of deployable ships. For example in ICS a data was published concerning the power of turbolasers which stood at 200 gigatons, this in my opinion put SW almost on a par with firepower, because if it is true that macrocannons and heavy spears can be adjusted up to scaling petaton is also true that a super or mega star destroyer compensates for the power gap with a huge number of turbolaser turrets. Then I read that ICS was declared non-canon and from then on I think any comparison is useless, as it does not have objective and cononic data.

But we must consider that the 40 weapons are adjustable in power, at maximum power a heavy lance can destroy a planet, for example the planet of ours exploded concurring only the spear fire

Sorry, the post is wrong, when I wrote the post I didn't know that the CS is no longer canon and that since then the turbolasers for canon have become much less powerful than 200 Gigaton, even if I still haven't read how much power they have I think anyway fall within the megatons scale)

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