The Galactic Empire (Star Wars) vs. the Interstellar Alliance (Babylon 5)

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The Galactic Empire (Star Wars) vs. the Interstellar Alliance (Babylon 5)

Post by Enterprise E » Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:35 am

A year after the destruction of the first Death Star, the Galactic Empire has discovered a wormhole that leads to the rim of known space in the Milky Way Galaxy not far away from the debris field that was once Z'ha'dum. After sending in some probe droids and scout ships and finding humans in that galaxy, they decide to wage a war of conquest against the galaxy to bring the humans in Milky Way into the Empire not only to expand, but to also stop the growing Rebellion by giving the galaxy a common enemy. However, the main power in that area of the galaxy, the Interstellar Alliance, is not going to let the Empire conquer them without a fight.

The Empire has an expeditionary fleet of five hundred Star Destroyers and two thousand smaller vessels to test the waters and report back if bigger fleet is necessary. If needed, the Empire will send in more ships but they are still concerned about the Rebel Alliance in their own galaxy. The Interstellar Alliance, having detected the arrival of the Imperial Fleet, has the defenses of its colonies and worlds on high alert with the White Star fleet ready to deploy anywhere in the Alliance's territory if needed.

The Empire has at least one Executor-class Star Dreadnaught (the Executor) available for this war if necessary. Nukes are in play for the Interstellar Alliance, though they won't use Mass Drivers unless it is a last resort. The Interstellar Alliance also has at least one Destroyer-class White Star (the Excalibur). Galen is also present to help the Alliance against the Empire, especially if the Emperor sends in Vader or comes, himself.

The goal of the Empire is to conquer the Interstellar Alliance, hoping to gain new technology and or servants, but also to use the Interstellar Alliance as a foe that can unite their galaxy against them and cause the Rebellion there to fracture, if not be destroyed by the people, themselves.

The primary objective of the Interstellar Alliance is to drive back the Galactic Empire and make a war too costly for them to pursue (though if the Emperor decides to come to Milky Way, himself, they will try to take him out). Their secondary objective, if necessary, is to collapse the wormhole to keep the Empire from sending in additional forces.

The time period for the Empire, it is one year after the destruction of the first Death Star. For the Interstellar Alliance, it is after the Drakh War but before Sheridan is taken beyond the Rim.

Disney canon for Star Wars. Main canon sources (mainly TV series and novels) for Babylon 5.

Who wins?

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