Martians(War of The Worlds) vs Barsoom (John Carter of Mars)

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Martians(War of The Worlds) vs Barsoom (John Carter of Mars)

Post by misternobody86 » Mon Nov 29, 2021 6:33 pm

Heeding the slow, inexorable death of their cyclopean, baleful world the Martians' turn their jealous eyes towards their verdant neighbor. A blue-green gem shining among the stygian gulf of infinity teeming with life so unlike their withering, desiccated one. Studying it as one might microbes swarming in a drop of water making note of the lowly, backwards inhabitance and their crude attempts at culture or civilization. Slowly, inevitable, plans are formed and resources marshaled. Towering tripods set to work constructing a colossally vast cannon. One of unheard of proportions, powerful enough to lob a shell or capsule through the starry abyss towards the beckoning blue-green world yonder.

Never doubting their mission or chances of success. For theirs is a millennia old civilization perfected and evolved to its very zenith. Possessed of intellect and technology far beyond the minds of the distant Earthlings blissfully unaware of the coming danger. Each Martian confident that when their cylinders fall they will be like wolves among lambs.

Yet it is not to be for the Gods of Earth, old and new, are not amused at the thought of their domain being intruded upon or their favored children reduced to livestock for these otherwordly beings. The great and noble pantheons setting aside their petty bickering to decide a course of action. With the trickster Loki suggesting a most fitting and ironic punishment. One quickly championed through the halls of both Lords of Order and Anarchy.

And so mere days before the first of the Martian cylinders would have been fired to Earth the planet vanishes replaced with a red mirror of the Martians' own world. Yet not, as they perplexingly study it through their powerful telescopes, an exact duplicate. Spying amid its red and yellow deserts savage, nomadic Green Martians and fragmented city-states of Red Martians dueling each other with airships. Decidedly new and unfamiliar fauna like Great White Apes and ten-legged lion-like Banths.

For this is adventure-filled Barsoom perpetually locked in unending war among its city-states and secretly controlled over by the White Therns and Black Martians in turn.

Faced with no alternative, and believing this new Mars could serve as a useful stepping stone towards farther distant Venus, the Martians decide to go ahead with their invasion.

How do they fare?
Caveat 1: Assume that via plot fiat being placed in Earth's orbit has no effect or impact on Barsoom's environment/temperature/survivability.

Caveat 2: Assume the Martian's weakness to viral or bacteria agents are handwaved

Scenario 1: Book Mars (consisting of both The War of the Worlds and The Massacre of Mankind {approved sequel by Stephen Baxter}) invades movie Barsoom, as of 1 year before John Carter arrives.

Scenario 2: The 1953 Film vs Book Barsoom supplemented by the RPG, as of the height of John Carter's power and influence.

Scenario 3: Book Mars (both The War of the Worlds and The Massacre of Mankind) vs Book Barsoom supplemented by the RPG, as of 1 year before John Carter arrives

Scenario 4: Same as scenario 2 but with the 2005 film version.

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