Ugh, Not B7, Too

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Ugh, Not B7, Too

Post by 2046 » Sun May 23, 2021 8:55 am

As about the only guy to have ever published anything technical about Blake's 7 on the interwebs, and having recently been fiddling around with Bridge Commander again, I was pleased the other day to find that someone had created a Liberator (and same-race little brother) and Federation Pursuit Ship pack.

I foolishly hoped it would be an interesting act of scaling and balance, but nope. Whoever made it had an attack of the warsies that day, and so the ships are preposterously large and ludicrously strong, with the Liberator able to more or less one-shot a Sovereign.

Just to confirm my impression, I searched for and queued up an episode where the Scorpio attempts to use an asteroid to sneak in to an area of space. The Scorpio isn't a warship, mind you, but besides being unable to sync to the asteroid's rotation, the ship actually scrapes the thing, gouging a hole straight into the hull, and it wasn't a fast collision.

We can compare this to the battle from "Animals", where the Scorpio is hit by a Federation Pursuit Ship, moderately damaged, and forced to flee . . . basically the same class of Pursuit Ship which, in triplicate, was a threat to even the Liberator.

Suffice it to say that this is not a universe where biggatons make a lick of sense, yet here they were.

I realize that among the most well-recognized ship-centric sci-fi, Star Trek's tech makes them tough to beat in a versus debate, so one could argue that this is an argument from privilege, but what is it about folks that they can't deal with this and just have to have their guys pwnz0ring everything? It's like a Chevy guy making a mod in a racing game and having the mere presence of the bowtie logo worth 100 extra miles per hour, or a Colin Kaepernick fanboy modding an old copy of the Madden game so that Kaepernick can actually win.

In other words, it's just sad and silly.

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