Da Orks (WH40K) vs System Lords (SG-1)

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Da Orks (WH40K) vs System Lords (SG-1)

Post by sonofccn » Mon May 07, 2018 7:11 pm

All people know and fear the alliance of the System Lords. They are the undisputed, if hedonistic masters of the Milk Way Galaxy. Ruling over it with an iron fist their only challenge for millennia has been the enigmatic, extra-galactic Asgard and their own petty squabbling as various Lords battle for possession of individual worlds and prestige. But all of this changes when above a distant world on the edges of Goa'uld's domain the very fabric of space ruptures open in agonized screams vomiting forth murderous denizens waylaid through the Warp. Or perhaps it was the divine will of Gork and Mork to transport them to a new, virgin galaxy full of things to kromp!

The Roks' exteriors still sizzling with rentry heat as they crash down into the world shattering entire cities like the wraith of Gork and Mork themselves and disgorging thousands of violent, screaming Orks on a panicked, scrambling world. A handful of survivors escaping through the Chappa'ai bring word of the terrible demons now free to plague the galaxy. The question is can the System Lords' will prevail and repulse this incursion or shall the tide of the galaxy turn green?

Ork forces are a "modest Waaagh" of only about ten million initial vanilla-flavored Orks with standard, to the extent that word has any meaning to this race, kit and equipment. Space forces are a dozen Savage and Onslaught attack ships, twice that many Roks, heavily armed and crude spaceships made out of asteroids, and three killkroozers. In addition to all the transports, boarding ships and fighta-bommers such a force would normally have.

Flavor #1 for the Goa'uld forces is bog standard System Lords led by Lord Yu with all the cooperation, or lack thereof, that implies. Timeline is post-movie so Ra's dead but otherwise before mankind start whittling down the System Lords. Flavor #2 has them led under Anubis with all of his tech. In this scenario all Goa'uld are slavishly devoted to Anubis. Flavor #3 is the above but we replace Anubis with magnificent bastard Ba'al.

So, can System Lords win this or will a new "Kouncil of Da Bossz" arise over their ashes?

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