Ragnarok-The End Times(CROSSOVER)

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Ragnarok-The End Times(CROSSOVER)

Post by sonofccn » Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:02 pm

Well this here in part why I've been remiss on the Terror verse. The other is that I'm just lazy. But I digress, as Preao might recall something like this has been tickling in my brain for a while now. Ever since Khas's attempt at a massive cross over because I'm imitative and shamelessly steal from my betters. Now while I very much doubt I can do anything resembling a regular schedual, the lazy thing again, I felt like I had to put this out here so it would stop cluttering up my brain, which feels roomier already, and just see if this thing has any legs to it. At this point it really just a rough draft, stream of conciousness thing and I welcome any criticism you may have to offer. But enough of my moaning, on with the show...

“Fortune favors the bold as they say. The risks, as our rivals are quick to point out, are daunting but so are the rewards. Can you imagine it? To exceed the limitations of the Warp factor, to free freighters from the need of bulky warp coils or nacelles? To no longer need dedicated and specialized engineering crews for every ship? Galactic shipping could be done for a thousandth of the current cost.” Omni Consumer Product spokesman concerning their Transwarp project.

Prometheus Station-

Jewels. Glittering jewels, as bright as the finest diamond, the stars were on the black canvas that was space. Playfully beckoning beyond the reinforced caste of transparent aluminum with wonder and amazement. Well over a thousand cubic kiloparsecs of it out there, only the tiniest sliver of it explored, cataloged and quantified. The rest waiting to be unveiled, a teasingly inviting blank which called out to him. Whispered to him like a long, lost lover. One he desperately missed, one he would get back.

But all in good time he knew, still much to hold his interest at the proverbial arms length. Floating “moored” a few tens of thousands of miles the scabby, pitted hull of Daedalus orbited around the station. The vessels, an old and battered Denobulan freighter, was well and truly unexceptional except that its warpdrive, never capable of greater than the second warp factor, had been utterly stripped out. Along with its matter/anti-matter core and impulse drives leaving it, nearly, an empty hulk capable of only minute navigational corrections by thrusters.

Any greater aspirations in the care of the great oval of duranium and tritanium which shared the freighter’s orbit, a colossal ring fanged in fronds of protruding arrays and emitters. A cyclopean mouth, sculpted in stygian and wrapped in folds of gold, it yawned as if to devour Daedalus, Prometheus and perhaps even the entire galaxy to sate its hunger. Such was Pegasus, such that would pierce the heavens and carry him to back to Olympus.

“To succeed or become like Bellerophon it will be as it will be. But to make the attempt, to take destiny in one’s one hands, that is to live.” Garth of Izar whispered watching the freighter slowly curve towards the splayed lips of Pegasus.

Continuing to track their intricate dance playing out infinitesimally in the great void as he heard the lift door to his office suite part open and the light trampling of beings feet carpeted deck plate. Recognizing each from the snatch of conversation which wafted to him and their distinct like Saurian crystal voices.

Bombastic and hard as granite was Piral Degra, an Xindi-Primate engineer and scientist, whose voice could bore through a class three forcefield. Just a hair under standard height, through appeared more so with his stocky build, he’d been the first and brainchild of the project. First taking it to the Xindi Council and, when they rejected it, to the Federation and then Omni. Piral was, he would jokingly say, the last and true “Renaissance Man” grasping a passing interest and knowledge of a great many fields beyond his Primus. Including Earth history, having amassed a rather fanciful opinion and theorems about it, the most frequent being the importance of Shen Kuo in comparison to Lenardo da Vinci which put him in perpetual odds with the older, equally rough but more subdued voice Garth heard.

Gravelly but with a paternal patience was the equally passionate Flint, a gray haired elder and devote antiquarian. The real polymath of the group through he’d never use the term, chiding it as grossly simple and inaccurate, mastering fields as far apart as Xeno biology and Cochrane transdimensional physics. A real find by the company he’d been “plucked” from a backwater planet by a survey crew, a virtual hermit whom the Company had enticed to use his remarkable genius once for the better of the human condition the Transwarp project represented. Rumor was as well that the idiosyncratic Flint was equally interested in the Company’s old, discontinued and officially forbidden cybernetic research. An immortalized brain in an ageless, machined body or some such.

The third and last, a harmonious and soothing tone attempting to balance his gruffer peers, was Damien Faet. Managerial extraordinaire and assistant whose tackling of the mundane and twisted trail of paper work was the sole cause of Garth’s miraculous progress. The past six months seeing “Anomalous Gravimetric singularity and its application” grow from a musty theory on a computer file to the trillion credit sculpture which glided ever so gently through the dark expanse.

“All is well I trust?” Garth asked, at last turning to face them, offering them a restrained smile.” If only because I would be superfluous in any problem.”

Through the former Captain was not without his own intelligence or brand of genius he held little delusion that alongside the likes of Piral or Flint it was his organizational abilities, his command presence, by which he mattered. Wrangling the budget from the Company’s bean counters and herding down on his team of intellectuals and theorist to keep their plans feasible and practical.

“Oh everything is absolutely in the green, Kemocite intermix is above even my own predictions.” Piral boomed beelining towards Garth’s shifter of Saurian brandy and tray of glasses.” We just thought we should all just properly toast how we are about to remake the Galaxy.”

“ Nothing so drastic I’m afraid, the Galaxy is an enduring mistress that you’ll never change.” Came the ever so melancholic rebuttal of Flint.” But for the uncounted beings who reside in her their lives will be improved I grant you. Imagine it, starships with engines the size of walnuts, capable of traversing a hundred times faster than any contemporary…”

All of which, properly patented and licensed, would ensure Omni’s corporate domination well into the next century. Ensuring a healthy profit stream.

“More money than God.” Garth humorously thought of the old expression, one Flint had introduced to him, more than a little reserved at the implication.

To an extent cutting against his grain, being an explorer he pushed against the boundaries, either those charted on a map or of man’s knowledge, for the pleasure in and of itself rather than mere monetary reward. But it was more than money that the Company offered but a chance at rebirth, to prove the damage he’d suffered was no more. That he was cured, whole, the man he was.

An explorer, a blazer of trails, his first and best destiny. One he would return to.

Joining the three at his drink cabinet he allowed his smile to broaden as he helped himself to one of the crystalline glasses Piral filled with more agusto than skill. Raising it in toast to his colleagues, to the miracle workers who would make dreams come true.

“To how Cochrane must have felt crossing the warp threshold or Columbus as he peered out at the New World.” He offered.

“Or Gralaik of Xindi who first opened a subspace vortex.” Diplomatic Faet offered, smoothing any feathers before they could be ruffled.

After all their work was heavily inspired and based upon the old Vortex technology employed by Piral’s ancestors. A seemingly wondrous drive system every power in the Alpha quadrant had immediately drooled over. Regrettably repeated tests had revealed its partial dependency upon the altered universal constant brought about by the “Sphere Builders”, themselves an extremely classified race, and with the restoration of the “Expanse” its effectiveness had diminished to all but nothing.

Through Piral gave no sign of approval or notice of Faet’s peace branch or the potential snub. Merely looking pleased with himself and bellicously jubilant as he downed his glass and was reaching to refill it when the intercom chirped.

“Administrator Garth, are you ordering the champagne already?” The former captain acknowledged before the colorless and overtly stern voice of his security chief cut away the festive atmosphere like a phaser blast.

“This is O’Conner sir. We have a situation down on B deck, computer auxiliary.” He cautioned, voice as grave as a moldering sepulcher.

“ Is the situation serious? I was hoping to witness the Daedalus’s transference.” Garth sighed, well aware the slightest deviance of protocol would be grounds for the duranium hard officer.

A former MACO whom lost his original legs in an insertion gone wrong, the details including a transport scrambler some improper materialization in a wall and an Orion Syndicate leader who died very painfully, the starched pants soldier was on the case if a hair was so much as a millimeter out of place.

“We have an intruder sir and…it would be easier if you just came to see for yourself.” The trooper evaded with a curious quality which Garth could not immediately place.

Fear, if only a little.


Despite that malodorous harbinger the first thing Garth noticed as he and his party arrived was, while deeply incongruous, far from frightening. Indeed almost comical to see a Company engineer flanked by two armed troopers working on the door to a dingy blue rectangle unceremoniously stuffed into an unused corner of the auxiliary room. A banner fixed above the stubbornly unopening door labeling in dull letters it a “Police Box”. A reference Flint alone seemed to understand, briefly lapsing into an historical account before O’Conner interrupted with the intruder in tow with another three of the Security Force.

A large trench coated and scarfed, egregiously so, gentleman with bushy hair partially capped by a wide brim hat. And despite the armed escorts, the multitude of violations of breaching a secured Company station, and the presence of O’Conner who with his robotic legs could literally kick a Klingon’s head off his shoulders the intruder wore the largest and most sincere grin Garth had ever seen.
“Hello there, I see you’re the person of authority here.” The man greeted him socially without care or trouble.” I’d offer you a jelly baby but I’m afraid they’ve been confiscated. I think.”

Nodding his head back to one of the terminals which was overflowing with a pile of divergent and seemingly unrelated junk. Yo-yos, telescopes, books, a chime ringing wind up monkey and, among much else, a small white paper bag bulging with the gelatinous treats.

“I’ve given up trying to empty his pockets, it just kept going.” O’Conner shrugged.” None of it appears to be a weapon as near we can determine.”

“Certainly not. I never carry weapons. One can never quite know when they’ll be turned on you.” The man laughed, managing to make his smile even larger.” But enough about that. As I explained to your Mister O’Conner here it is imperative that I speak with someone of authority before it’s too late.”

“A request you granted chief?” Garth, fighting his own smile, asked turning a crooked glance to his Security Foreman.” It don’t see why my presence was required, you seem to have everything well in hand.”

“Well not to be impertinent sir but how in bloody hell did he get onboard?” The Chief demanded.” Koloth could roll up in a D-7 and couldn’t force his way aboard, at least not without a hell of a fight and yet and yet he came as easy as you please. And then there’s that thing.”

O’Conner pointing at the blue police box the engineer was still working on without result, holding a tricorder to it in one hand and a laser cutter in the other, which like the intruder himself had no purpose being on the station.

“It is not a “Police Box” and that’s all I can tell you. Sensors can’t penetrate it, I half drained a phaser straight into it and it didn’t even get warm. At this point I’m not sure a Constitution class starship could break into it.”

“You know it’s might rude confining a being without warrant and threatening to try and blow up his own personal property.” The man snapped in momentary annoyance.” I was after all only trying to help.”

“Help, bah. We caught him rerouting control to this room. He’d already bypassed all of our security lock outs when my team and I beamed in. Another few seconds and…he could have done anything.” O’Conner bristled.

“Impossible.” Faet, normally placid demeanor lost, exclaimed brushing past to inspect the interface.” It’s encrypted with a Zeta level. It would take a super computer years to even hope to cracking the sequence.”

“Not to sound the braggart but your frame of reference is limited, there are beings who carry the equivalent of “super computers” in the tiniest fragment of their being.” The man countered humorously.” But that’s another matter. Have you checked those calculations floating around in the memory banks? They are completely and utterly bunk, hogwash. If you activate the array I…I shudder to think…”

“And you happen to an expert in transdimensional physics?” The gravelly voice of Flint asked, the scientist peering at the intruder probingly.” And are able to interpret it in a matter of moments at most?”

“One of my lesser accomplishments I promise you.” The man reassured doing nothing for his credibility.

Having heard enough Garth signaled for O’Conner to take him away before he could go on any further with his dog and pony show, what the madman hoped to accomplish he couldn’t fathom but he wasn’t going to interrupt the historic flight.

“Take him to the detention center, we’ll settle this out later. Hopefully we won’t have to press charges.” Garth ordered turning an eye towards the police box.” And take that to the cargo hold D, we’ll settle what to do with it, if anything, later as well.”

Which would be that. The intruder could rot in the cell until the Federation authorities showed up for him and if they hurried Garth and the others could still catch the Daedalus’s departure. Instead, resisting the coaxing push of his chaperons, the man screamed out.

“Okay, Okay I admit it. I’m an industrial spy, menacing alien saboteur or whatever else you dread of me. “ He exclaimed fighting to remain where he was.” I’ll tell you everything, my whole diabolical plan. If you’ll just go easy one me.”

“That depends entirely on what you tell us.” O’Conner answered ordering with a look for his men to cease.” Now talk. And it better be good.”

“Oh it is, it is. You chaps over there should pay attention to.” The intruder called out to the engineer and guards.” It’s really quite clever.”

“Talk or a detention cell will be the least of your worries.” Garth cautioned.” Federation penal colonies may not be Rura Penthe but they can be most unpleasant for the uninitiated.”

“ I have no doubt through I’m afraid this is all a bit of a diversion while my loyal canine companion sneaks up on you. A sonic neural disrupter, wide dispersal, should be adequate.” The man answered like a school teacher correcting a child.

“Right away master.” A hideously electronic voice answered, coming from a silver robotic dog which rolled out of the now open police box, right before each and everyone but the intruder fell clutching at their burning temples.

Their balled fists useless to halt the burning hot spikes they felt burrowing through their brain, meeting at the center in a fiery union the likes of which not even O’Conner had experienced. Each mentally withdrawing from it, curling up inside of themselves as the silver dog wheeled himself through their fields of bodies towards its master.

“Very good K-9. That should keep them subdued for a minute or two.” He spoke outloud returning to the station and pulling Faet from off it, draping the manager to the ground, and took his place at the controls.” More than long enough to implode that monstrosity.”

Instead of the expected digital acquiescence he’d come to expect from his faithful friend, K-9 instead shouted a shrill warning which ended mid note. His circuits fizzing loudly as the Doctor turned in his seat to see Garth, phaser in hand, advancing towards him.

“Cellular regenerative metamorphosis.” The one time captain answered seeing the Doctor’s, surprisingly rare, expression of confusion.” Now step away.”

“Now see here, we are talking about the fate of galaxies, of entire universes. We don’t have-“ The Doctor started before taking a full phaser blast, set to stun, squarely knocking him back out of the seat.

Watching him fall Garth, keeping the phaser on him, knelt and retracted a belt communicator from O’Conner, who like the others were starting to stir and move, and held it up to his lips.

“Administrator Garth to Control. How are we proceeding? Everything in the green?” He queried hoping his voice didn’t show his concern.

“We’re all good here. Pegasus is lighting up, power distribution is within tolerance and the spatial-grav disturbance is forming within its center. Should reach expected parameters in T-minus fifty coinciding with the impact of the Daedalus.” The Controller on the other end answered giddily, no doubt celebrations had already begun.” Why sir? Is anything wrong?”

“No, just last minute jitters. Carry on, and have a drink on me will you?” He answered clicking off the communicator and hitching it onto his belt.

Across from him he saw the intruder groan and shift from his crumpled position, revealing extraordinary stamina on his part, while around him first Flint, the O’Conner and then Faet rose drunkenly to their feet.

“The transference?” Faet, the first to speak, squawked.

“Proceeding. Despite his efforts.” Garth answered gesturing to the Doctor who snapped open his eyes and shook his head clearing away the cobwebs.

“No! You can’t. You brilliant dunce you don’t understand!” He cried trying to stand.” We have to stop it!”

“Too late.” Garth boasted just as the alarm klaxon sounded.

Reaching for his communicator again as the now panicked voice of the Controller blared from the room’s speakers, from every room and deck on Prometheus.

“Daedalus has been destroyed, gravimetric shear. Dampeners ineffective…all personnel prepare to evacuate! I repeat prepare to evacuate!”

“Control! This is Garth, what in blazes is going on up there? We were in the green!” the Administrator cursed, howling at the fates, as his dream sundered and died.

“The vortex…its exceeding its power curve. Lord, it’s off our charts…and that’s only what we can read through the distortions.” The Controller gasped.” Its twisting space into knots out there and this station’s next…”

“Understood. Get out of there.” Garth ordered, knowing if there was a way to shut it down they’d have done it already.

And from his swaying stance the Doctor laughed as he stumbled back to the terminal.

“There is no place to escape, you have to understand. That thing out there is pandora’s box and you’ve taken a jackhammer to it.” He hurriedly explained, reaching for the controls, as Faet, suddenly, leapt at him with a feral cry.

Stopped only by Garth, first with a nose crunching back handed sweep of his phaser than twisting the fighting hell cat of an assistant’s arms behind his back. The calm and even keeled manager’s face twisted in a horrible grimace, his eyes bulging from his sockets as his mouths snarled in a frothing leer.

“No! It is the goddess’s work, she of living flame and torment. You can’t stop it!” He hissed nearly breaking his back trying to escape Garth’s hold.” She the devourer of flesh, her sacrifice shall not be undone…”

“You’re quite right, I can’t stop it now.” The Doctor conceded to the once placid man.” The best I can do is reharmonize your shield emitters, I might be able to untangle us from the spatial fabric…just might survive then.”

“What about the others? The escaping shuttles?” Flint asked poignantly.

“I’m afraid their already dead.” The Doctor answered as the universe tore.

Ripped asunder and through it flowed the seething cauldron of endless possibility, the whole of creation which vomited out in one confusing, terrifying whole. Entire worlds screaming in unison for one blinding moment then falling silent, their bodies twisted and mutated to possibilities which never should be. Others, farther out from the churning tendrils rooting their way across, merely went mad and for still others the inexplicable second of pain and confusion was merely the herald of greater horrors. Unnoticed but for the cosmic eye was the subtle alterations to the heavens rippling across the ruptures’ wake. Planets once barren turning verdant or healthy G class stars turning to dead husks. Entire civilizations shimmering in and out of being as possibilities coalesced.

And watching it all something cackled, a rich deep velvet of a voice coated in untold millennia of spilled blood.

It begins.” She, the Emerald goddess, whispered.

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Re: Ragnarok-The End Times(CROSSOVER)

Post by Praeothmin » Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:41 pm

Who is that masked goddess?

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Re: Ragnarok-The End Times(CROSSOVER)

Post by sonofccn » Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:22 pm

Okay just to prove I haven't fallen into a dark abyss. And I do want to promise to all two of my readers I haven't given up on Terrorverse. I'm just really lazy and have writers block.

“ The Constitution class, while principally designed for peaceful exploration, is the bedrock of our martial projection. It isn’t coincidence the Admiralty, unofficially, rates a problem by how many Connies it needs to assign.” Commodore Cartwright before the ’64 budgetary committee requesting a four ship increase to the “Constitution fleet”.

Captain’s Log: Stardate, 5929.3. I have ordered the Enterprise to divert from its intended rendezvous with the Omni Corporation space station Prometheus, and subsequent relief missions to the affected systems, to answer a more immediate plea for help. A curious beacon from out of the darkness…

USS Enterprise, Bridge-

Finishing he cued back his message and, satisfied with it, shut the recorder off completely. With the deed feeling as if some small part of the grindstone pressing upon his shoulders had lessoned, the log’s enshrinement to posterity affixing his authority, and his alone, to the weighty decision and more importantly the blame. If the recursive broadcast, automated and unresponsive, turned out to be the doomed echo of a ghost world then tens of thousands of more lives would be put to risk needlessly in what was already an unspeakable tragedy. Another Tarsus IV, another Xindi Massacre, another 9/11. A senseless depravity of destruction and chaos which left the survivors yearning in the rubble for answers and the, depressingly too often, illusionary security they’d enjoyed.

There would be other ships of course, the Lexington among them, with good commanders like Commodore Wesley but, as it too often seemed, the Enterprise was the nearest. The departure, however slight, delaying that much more the arrival of medicines, supplies and basic order to worlds which had been nearly turned inside out. The Star Fleet Command’s dossier of the situation had been done in the sterile and emaciated tongue of bureaucrats the Galaxy over through even its parched vocabulary couldn’t shield the grim brutality of it. Worlds slaughtered, its citizens twisted and deformed, while others besieged in an orgy of violence. Their previously peaceful settlers and inhabitances taking to the street, filling it with blood, for no discernible cause or reason.

And he was leaving them to it, taking his ship on what may turn out to be a frivolous chase of “wild aquatic fowl” as Mr. Spock might put it brought on by all too human curiosity. Undampened by horrific events it had risen within him from the first, broadcasted on a totally unfamiliar carrier wave which had required Lt. Uhura’s considerable and nigh magic talents to extract from the background of cosmic radiation. Taking even more for her to coax the linguistical matrix into deciphering the coded transmissions into its earnest plea for help, precious moments wasted on the paranoia and fear of whatever leader or vizier that had sent the tersely worded message. Such distrust the likely culprit as well for the barren and uninformative nature of the plea, revealing nothing of their situation or predicament merely a request for aid.

Urgently so it stressed, the pressing need bleeding through the manufactured machine dictated message. And so, like always, he made a choice. And just as always lives would now hang and be decided on the courses he took. Or didn’t take. And he could live with that, as long as he made the right choice. He rather less could live with the time between decision and deed.

“Time to intercept Mister Sulu?” He queried, feeling restless.

No, scratch that he felt caged. Confined as if by bars of iron even if he couldn’t show it, wouldn’t show it. A captain wasn’t allowed not to be bigger than that, to be any less than larger than life, no matter his personal feelings. He had to be made of duranium, composed and above it all. An enduring rock by which the crew could anchor themselves.

“Only a few more minutes sir, the system should be entering scanner range shortly.” The Helmsman answered crisply from his station, exuding a certain eagerness to reach their destination.

More than ready and willing to lend what aid he could to the afflicted as well as reveal something of the message’s mysterious origin, itself one minor facet a wondrous and unexplained cosmos which had seductively beckoned Mankind for untold centuries, in contrast to the more subdued demeanor of the ship’s navigator beside. Ensign Chekov taking his somber cues from first officer Spock whom hadn’t sided against the venture so much as placed it within its logistical context. Acting as the cold dampening to the emotional fires even at the risk of sounding derisive or malicious he’d raised the delay incurred at even the best possible warp speed, of which Chief Engineer Scotty had managed to raise them just a hair faster, and the need of the greater majority on the known and quantified worlds versus an unknown phantom from the dark.

Much to McCoy’s frustration, the venerable “Old country doctor” in a ritual seemingly older than the stars themselves chiding the “computerized hobgoblin” for his callous detachment for the lives hung in the balance. And Spock, noting the doctor’s “irritating sensationalism”, had expressed the warp drive ran off of M/AM and dilithium not emotional concern and thus had no bearing on his calculations. After which Bones had made a tactical withdrawal from the ship, preparing his medical teams for whatever emergency or crisis, secure and in agreement with the decision made.

“Scotty will certainly be pleased to hear that.” He, Captain Kirk, noted with a touch of amusement.

His chief engineer in the process of “nursing” the ship’s engines to maintain the desired speed and vocal in his periodic updates as to their status. Warning that they “ couldn’t take much more” even with his placating and cajoling.

A relief confirmed and validated by Mr. Spock who stirred at his post to lean over his station’s sensory scope, finely tuning and calibrating its probing beams to the fast approaching star system.

“ System’s star spectral type, gamma nine. Eight planetary bodies detected, one is class M. From which the signal originates.” He intoned, the picture growing clearer with every fraction of a second.” Heavily inhabited, preliminary analysis of atmosphere pollution and ferros-metallic construction is suggestive of industrial rating of G.”

“Earth, circa 2030.” Kirk voiced after the briefest of delays to muddle through Starfleet’s rather haphazard classification system.” Any space faring vehicles detected?”

“Unclear at this time Captain.” A puzzled Spock allowed.” There are multiple and irregular power emissions in the space surrounding the planet. Some of high intensity, I can not at this time conceive of a natural phenomenon to explain them yet the readings are divergent from expectations of starships. Scanners show compositions of highly forged metallics alongside porous rock, ice lattices and low grade iron. It is… most interesting.”

“Entering system now Captain.” Lt. Sulu notified throttling down the mighty stardrive.” Commander Spock shoulder be able to get a better reading now.”

Needlessly as it turned out, the twinkling streamers of the starfield replaced with a snap to a mundane and ever so slightly tarnished eyesore of a planet. A single bloated continent staring up on a bed of filthy gray ocean beneath a murky brown atmosphere. Encircling the sullen orb in a belt of broken detritus was the colossal remainder of what must have been a substantial orbital infrastructure. Fragments of space stations and tender ships, smashed brutally apart long after they could have hoped to be a threat, solemnly orbiting its parent planet in a partial, perverse planar ring.

“Message Captain.” Uhura, turning towards him in her seat, reported.” Coming from the…from the debris field. I think from an old style satellite, very faint. I’ll try and boost it.”

Unsure what it could add, what it could bring to the vista of wanton destruction hanging out before them all, but determined not to let the voice of any of the inhabitances slip away if she could help it. Energizing the warped and weary transmission, scrubbing it of the worst of the radiogenic interference, before relaying it to bridge speakers. A creaking, rustic voice which sounded like an out of phase plasma regulator, volume muted and static laced despite her efforts and played at a drunkenly sluggish pace as if its broadcasting point was struggling to find the recited words.

“ Attention…this is a restricted area…property of Weyland-Yutani…all trespassers shall be boarded and cleared…by Administrative authorities…” It warbled its automated message in old style English, no doubt alerting consoles and operatives who no longer existed, as something else took notice of the new arrival.

Through it could have been his imagination Kirk fancied the gentle and subduing trilling of the bridge took on a sharper note as the first dark mass glided out from behind the globe’s dusty miasma. A gigantic cruiser, rust pitted and irregular, with a leering prow painted in scraggly lines to resemble a fearsome and many fanged predator. Then came another, and another, each it seemed large enough to take an unhealthy bite out of the Enterprise, in a ramshackle fleet at the tail of which lumbered the beast’s engorged mother.

“By the Great Bird of the Galaxy…” Sulu couldn’t help but mumble watching the ships, coasting towards them, balloon ever upwards.

“Spock, what am I looking at? Uhura try a hail, warn them we do not mean them any direct harm but we will defend ourselves if provoked.” Kirk ordered, accepting responsibility for every life lost because of them.” Such as sending an entire battlefleet out after us.”

“Information still collating Captain. As of now sensors are showing eleven of the smaller vessels, each of divergent make up and configuration, while I am detecting nothing as discrete as a solitary ship for the larger construct. It appears to be an accruement of both artificial and natural composition, scanners show everything between steel and rock to some form of organic matter, but functional. Several high powered emissions, easily exceeding our own, are originating from within it.”

Which, all things considered, didn’t bode well. Kirk having unflattering flash back to the early days of his five year mission and coming nose to nose with the Fesarius, a starship of the First Federation. Only, looking at the protruding gun ports spilling from almost every conceivable vantage, he doubted he’d find someone like Balok within any of those things.

“ Reply coming in Captain.” Uhura, grimacing, announced piping in a strange guttural series of bellows it took the universal translator a very pregnant pause to divine its import.

Even then the squawking noise it recreated was still a step removed from the intelligence of Man, more so than even the esoteric Tholians, and thickly laced with a barbarous edge.

“Wot iz dis ‘ere? A ‘umie ship think they iz ‘ardenuff to take Kaptin Grogg Skull-basher and me Boys?” The generic male voice snarled, the computer simulating the thick shower of phlem covering each syllable of the original transmission flawlessly.”

“We did not come here implicitly to challenge you, we homed in on an emergency beacon from the world below us.” Kirk retorted ordering Uhura to open a return channel.” This is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Starship Enterprise, our goals are humanitarian.”

The last word causing the computer to bloop loudly as it swung into overdrive and Uhura, rechecking her findings, to shake her head as she reported it to the Captain.

“The computer couldn’t finishing translating your message sir, apparently no equivalent wording or concept exists in their language.” She informed him as the ships out before the Enterprise lit up like a small star.

“Wide spectrum of weaponry sir.” Sulu, causing the ship to shudder as he tilted it out of the way, announced.” Kinetic force-killers to low grade particle weapons and everything else. Who ever they are, they like variety.”

“But not how to use it. Keep us off of them Lieutenant, enough room to maneuver.” Kirk remarked noticing the scattering salvos, some impacting their fellow ships, which expanded outward from each of the humongous ships.” Fire phasers and torpedoes at your own discretion, lets see if they can understand this.”

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Re: Ragnarok-The End Times(CROSSOVER)

Post by Praeothmin » Tue Apr 09, 2013 8:17 pm

Nice, are the new arrivals Orcs from WarHammer?
sonofccn wrote:And I do want to promise to all two of my readers I haven't given up on Terrorverse. I'm just really lazy and have writers block.
Yeah, I understand, as I've been having the same lazyness with mine...

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Re: Ragnarok-The End Times(CROSSOVER)

Post by Admiral Breetai » Thu May 09, 2013 2:24 am

Orcs...Xenos and the Doctor

hooo boooyyy

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Re: Ragnarok-The End Times(CROSSOVER)

Post by Admiral Breetai » Tue May 14, 2013 5:46 am

Garth isn't going to go insane is he?

it'd be an awesome universe where Kirk and Pike and Garth the three legends could fight side by side

or will he go batshit?

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Re: Ragnarok-The End Times(CROSSOVER)

Post by sonofccn » Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:54 am

A sporadic update for my much neglected other work. Doubt I'll get back to this again any time soon but I just felt like adding to it. As always hope you enjoy

“Despite the haughty ideals and intentions concerning the Organia Peace Treaty the Cestus III incident, border skirmishes with the Romulans as well as extra-galactic incursions have proven the need for Starfleet to maintain its martial strength. A feat we are carrying out not only by the completion of new Constitution and Miranda hulls but with the retention and refitting of the venerable Soyuz class of starships.”Commodore Cartwright, once again, speaking before the budgetary committee.

Prometheus Station-

“I can’t believe your allowing him free range of the facility.” Nilz Baris shrilly browbeated.

The sniveling bookkeeper of a man, fresh from achieving new heights of imbecility as undersecretary of agriculture, the liaison between Omni Consumer Products and the Federation Government. A previously nigh nonexistent arrangement, both parties having a working understanding of their relationship, which had become intimately more pressing since the disastrous fiasco.

Or cataclysm if one wanted a more fervently emotional through no less accurate term for what happened. In the time since alerting the Company, and Star fleet, of their situation and the arrival of Baris on a high speed shuttle the Administrator Garth had studiously dissected every scrape of data he could about the afflicted space. Hell he’d even tapped into the Klingon’s subspace network, the fiendish devils crossing the porous border to investigate the disturbance, and each of it down to the last electron was of a bloody cacophony only Lord Garth could have dreamt. Savage, incomprehensible vistas; a red star eviscerated and mutated yet undiminished burning as a swollen cyclopean eye in the dark of space, Ardana sweltering beneath atomic clouds as Troglytes rose in feral unison to devour the domineering city-dwellers, entire planets altered and remade…

“He boarded what may be the most secure installation in the Alpha quadrant in a “police box” a team of engineers can’t open or describe it in any more exact terms than aforementioned and handily defeated a Zeta-level encryption. Frankly I’m unsure of anything short of total vaporization would be adequate to hold him.” Garth, his patience strained, explained bluntly.”So I fail to see the point of the endeavor.”

“ The point being to do your job.” Baris complained.” He’s an intruder, likely a spy, and you’re treating him like a houseguest. He should have been out bound on a shuttle immediately after the disaster.”

“Of which we survived solely because of what he did…not that anyone has been able to explain that any better than his arrival.” Garth sighed nodding his head to the token security guard posted to watch over the “Doctor” as they stepped from the corridor into the doorway.

Beyond lay the command center, once nerve center to the whole station now darken and brooding. Its terminals charred and explosively overloaded by power surges, most of its staff having been among those lost trying to evacuate. The shuttles and freighters, their crews screaming, torn apart by the vortex as they tried and failed to go to warp. Their demise captured in flawless quality by the station sensors, every microsecond of their atomic dissolution.

The only occupants in the now sullen and tarnished bridge the stony Flint, disheveled and marred with viscous stains of grease and lubricant, and their guest/prisoner. Both of whom squatted amid a piled carpet of discarded electronics tensely engrossed in their own heated conversation.

“Which more than castes shadows that he had a hand in causing the accident. And you put him to work fixing things.” A most exasperated Baris continued gesturing to the coated fellow.” I mean who is he? Where’s he from? For all you’ve been able to discern he’s a Klingon agent.”

“I bow to your experience in that regard sir.” Garth relented with what he hoped was a modicum of tact.”You are welcome ask him yourself.”

“I shall. You see, I’ll get to the bottom of this.” He boasted approaching the hunched figure, nudging him with the toe of his boot to get his attention.

When that failed, the intruder continuing unabated with his argument with Flint, Baris repeated the process. Then, still ignored, he bent and grabbed a fistful of the man’s cloak and gave him a not as gentle shake.

“I say, you are becoming harder to disregard so if you are going to be a nuisance could you please do so two room down? We are frightfully busy here.” The “Doctor” scolded him brushing his grip away before resuming his previous discussion.

“Do you have any idea who I am?” An incredulous Baris demanded before going ahead and telling him.” I am Nilz Barris chief adjunct between the Federation Government and Omni Corp. Which makes me the most important authority within this sector.”

“Well it is most kind of your people to give you a position to amuse yourelf but I haven’t have time to be so indulging. So scoot, go away.” The intruder, as if talking to a wayward dog, informed him making moving gestures with his hands.

“You are an impudent, arrogant, braggart of a man!” Baris challenged, almost at a loss for words.

“And you’re an intellectual hobbit. We all must press on with our disadvantages.” The “Doctor” answered back with an infectious smile.” Are we done yet? Tasking business ahead and all that.”

“Had enough yet?” Garth probed, fighting his own grin, to the immaculately sour adjunct.

“The Federation will hear about this. Mark my words.” Baris huffedly complained turning on his heels.” When I’m done you’ll be lucky to get work as a moon shuttle conductor. All of you. And for you Doctor, I’ll see they bring iron shackles back into vogue.”

“Most pity they ever left.” Flint, breaking his silence, argued as the bureaucrat departed.” I could think of a person or two I who’d be improved by a stay in one.”

Which, were he still in Star Fleet, was a blatant slander against a representative of the United Federation of Planets which Garth might feel obliged to reprimand but as a free citizen held no such conflict. Thoroughly enjoying the reddened look to the grubbing data filer he took one of the numerous unoccupied seats, granting time for Baris’s temper to return to check, and unclipped his personal communicator as it began to squawk.

“Administrator here.” He answered more weathered and worn than he intended.

“Indeed and from the sound of it you wish Baris wasn’t.” Managerial Harrison piqued from the auxiliary command deck.

Brash and headstrong the young coordinator had proven God send following the calamity, a trained bull which could squash any fear or bitterness in the survivors and push them to complete their task without Garth hovering over them. A tried and steady line officer, the sort of which Star Fleet or the Company couldn’t function without.

“For your sake I hoped you checked internal sensors before saying that.” Garth laughed, a well worn expression which was mirrored from his communicator’s speaker.

“I’ve been keeping a lock on the belligerent since he stepped aboard our station. You know, just in case he’d proved too much and you needed help.” Harrison answered.”But to the matter, I felt you should be informed the first of the relief ships have arrived. A Denobulan medical frigate, must have nearly burned their engines out to reach us so quickly. They’ll be boarding to liaison with Starfleet’s efforts which brings me to the second issue. I have Commodore Wesley of the Lexington on the com wishing to speak with you, shall I patch him through?”

“Gladly.” Garth, his smile widening, commanded.

It had been years since he and the Commodore, then the freshly minted Captain of the USS Beowulf, had served alongside. But a memorable one, jaundiced but not obliterated by the toiling acts required of them. Fighting a horrendous plague, a hive infection which drove its victims nightmarishly mad, one which threatened to engulf an entire subsector in its paralyses. Then perhaps even more. Half a billion souls damned by the horrendous things nor was there any magic save or solution as there was when Kirk battled a resurgent strain. Only the salvation of death’s embrace. And he’d carried it out, as the flag officer in charge of the squadron, he carried it out and, but for Robert Wesley, would have been entombed along with them.

But Wesley had fought just as hard as he battled the Hive-Mind to save him, fighting beside him those long, bleak hours of inactivity when sleep wouldn’t come by playing chess, arguing philosophy or taking to exhaust him in the ship’s gym. We his help he saw the conclusion of the brutal, merciless campaign along with his soul. For whatever that was worth.

“Robert, you old space dog. They haven’t given you your papers yet?” He prodded the Commodore.” Last I heard you were fit to take over some governorship out on the aft end of nowhere.”

“ General Order number five, no Commission shall be resigned during a declared emergency. Which the Council has already proposed and the President signed. So you’re stuck with me.” Commodore Wesley answered good naturedly.” Besides I don’t know where your getting your information, I still have more than a month left to go in any advent.”

“My mistake.” The Administrator corrected.” Same anyway, I’m just glad you’re here. Things have gone to pot out here. We don’t get some help soon…I shudder to think.”

“What about Jim? He should have been there hours ago, I already have my best bottle of Saurian brandy ready to reward him for beating me.” Wesley, voice becoming strained by a burst of whining static, asked skeptically.

“Detoured, picked up some kind of distress beacon in route. Decided to investigate.” Garth, holding his receiver closer to him, spoke through the crackling interference.

“Sounds like Jim alright. Did he relay coordinates…try to contact…Kirk…” Came the mangled answer before it descended wholly into white noise.

“Robert? Robert!?” The Administrator called out into the ether before switching his communicator back over.” Harrison, What’s the trouble with the communication? I’ve lost the Lexington.”

“The medical frigate, she’s scouring all our frequencies.” A very strained Harrison reported to no sense of relief.” Soon as the hanger pressurized they jumped, the whole mad crew, and attacked us. They’re pushing across the deck.”

“How bad?” Garth found himself asking rushing from the destroyed bridge, leading the others, at a brisk pace for the nearest armory.” What kind of numbers are we talking about.”

“I’m showing thirty Denobulan signatures, consistent with their ship’s registry, another baker’s dozen of unaccounted for humans and six things which I have no bloody clue what they are beyond being big and suitably pi-“ Harrison answered his transmission’s end breaking off into static.


“I don’t fracking care. Get everyone and their grandmother armed and down to the hanger deck immediately!” O’Conner cursed, snapping shut his communicator, as the primed photon grenade vanished from the platform to be replaced by his squad and himself.

Forming into an outwardly pointing star, each soldier kneeling with his back to his battle-brothers, as the operator readjusted his equipment. A pale face, junior technician whose sweating face looked as if he was about to be sentenced to fighting a Gorn in hand to hand.

“I can’t be sure of this…sensors are mess down there. If the beam intersects a wall…” He nervously waffled, hesitant to restart the contraption.

“We’ll fracking secure the inside out from enemy aggressors.” O’Conner snapped without breaking his stance.” Hit it!”

“Aye sir.” The hastily promoted technician grimaced sliding the lever, the transport platform filling with the swirling, humming energies of the arcane device.

The next moment they were deposited half way across the station atop a scattered pile of the enemy, blood tarred Denobulan and Human laying loosely dispersed in the corridor way. The duranium walls helping to shape and focus the blast effects of the explosive back upon them, through only its lowest setting merely stunning the slaggers rather than incinerating them to ash. O’Conner’s only mercy as he and his team rose as one and nimbly attenuated, wearily watching around them, to each of the corpse like bodies laying huddled on the ground. Kicking away their weapons, a mixture of relatively sophisticated energy weapons and crude bludgeons and hammers, and confirming there weren’t any fakers lurking among the down stricken.

“Any resistance shoot with extreme prejudice.” O’Conner ordered, confident he could make his squadmates MACOs yet, scooting to his own enemy and rolling him over.

His tightened face betraying nothing as he recognized the battered face and tattered jumpsuit, one of the maintenance workers who were run ragged working across the station to hold her together. Including the hanger bay, a factoid he absorbed as he patted the man down. Removing a cheap knock off of a type I phaser and inspecting, alongside his more iniquitous abrasions and cuts, a jagged but shallow incision along his grimy abdomen.

“Eyes.” He barked, speaking to the kneeling squad member attending to his chirping tricorder.” What’s out there? What are we dealing with?”

“Unidentified sir. Definitely large.” The mousy Eyes relayed as O’Conner’s ears caught the rustling of chitin over harden deck plate.” And it’s not alone.”

Indeed, a living carpet of bodies proceeding it. Former colleagues as well as strangers shambling in a drugged, trance like stupor which unnervingly tightened the veteran’s stomach and seeped liquid nitrogen into blood. But, through he had waged battle against Klingons, Nausicaans and even the fierce Chalnoth, what sent trembles down his spine was the bloated, malevolent shadow which loomed forth behind the vagabond rabble. A hulking monstrosity, the curved scythe like tipped arms protruding from its back scraping grooves through the passage ceiling, which none the less moved with a sickening reptilian grace on its four lower appendages. Its bulbous head, scarred with burning red eyes, split open in a fanged mouth from which oozed strands of jelly like drool leaving little doubt as to its intentions and appetites.

“Grenades, vape all the bastards!” O’Conner, abandoning the maintenance worker to flatten himself as best he could against to the floor plate, shouted following his own advice as he fired a fusillade of phaser shots at the beast and its entourage.

Nice, are the new arrivals Orcs from WarHammer?
Yep. And now Genestealers/Tyranids. 40k , in my opinion, has a nice stable of monsters.
Admiral Breetai wrote:Garth isn't going to go insane is he?

it'd be an awesome universe where Kirk and Pike and Garth the three legends could fight side by side

or will he go batshit?
No, Garth will not go insane I promise you. He's going to be killing Xeno scum alongside the likes of Kirk and Apone.

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Re: Ragnarok-The End Times(CROSSOVER)

Post by Praeothmin » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:13 pm

Ah, I was wondering what the alien-like creature was...

Nice, but I want to see Jim kirk kick some ass... :)

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Re: Ragnarok-The End Times(CROSSOVER)

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the Doctor verbally obliterating Bariswas spectacular! Also Kirk and Garth of Izar and the Doctor? I feel sorry for any foe who now stands in their wake

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