Paradise Lost.

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Paradise Lost.

Post by Admiral Breetai » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:35 pm

Alright, don't worry gents I fully intend to continue the tides redux and you'll have a late halloween "episode" soon enough. In the meanwhile, this came to me as I was shooting the shit about old Sci fi shows in a discord chat and it reminded me how damn prescient..this particular show was.

As such I wrote this this up as a half modernization/reboot though I believe the core message and issues examined in the show don't really need any modernization. I did it half to be cheesy and tongue in cheek and half because I realized...holy crap...This show really had something and it was cheated out of the story it could have told by meddling execs.

Here are the first two chapters...Let me know if this would interest you at all and let me know if y'all want me to continue.


“The alleged diversity of the early twenty first century was little more than painted homogeneity at gunpoint and its mandate came at a dreadful price. They understood that, its why they came ……

And knowing what they truly are, we must reject such paths at all costs”

“How much is the human soul worth? Is the value of your solitude truly greater than the price of peace?”

120, million years ago. Triangulum Galaxy

She was beautiful, once. Even now some would call her beautiful, her features were still that tanned color, the canines that were so pronounced in her fellows of “pure” blood added an exotic quality to her. He could see the tips edging out from lips that were still red and filled with life. She was still fit, lithe and had a body shaped like an hourglass, a form species that evolved along her lines tended to find aesthetically pleasing on an instinctual level. It often allowed for far easier childbirths and far more of them. Her hair was an opaque color, so black that the light would vanish in its depths if caught in her long wavy hair which contrasted a pair of eyes so light and turquoise as to nearly be green.

It was easy to understand why such lifeforms would be drawn to beauty like that. He’d long ago abandoned the form he chose to inhabit to court her and he was still drawn to her ageless beauty. Still loved her, and what a love it had been! A love so powerful, it brought her kind back from the brink of extinction and irrevocably chained the destiny of their two species for all time, altering them both in ways that even his people with all their vast powers and foresight could not fully comprehend. A love that had defied death, a beauty matched with an incredible intellect that when coupled with an unnatural charisma had prompted a quarter of her entire race to declare her a messiah and follow her into the void. A terrifying and wondrous mix that had inspired legions to move entire stars, to shift the gravity wells of blackholes and to break the barrier set by laws of relativity long ago.

It was all an illusion now, her youthful figure cracked ever so lightly. When he’d known her and loved her, she was lost in the void, her worldships falling in on each other, energy like sabers from the tips of fingers dug into the flesh of those unwilling who had been forced to come along in this journey, her own followers had begun to prey on one another as well and exiles on a journey to seek a brighter tomorrow only to come to the gates of hell. At first, they’d started with clones, their conventional foodstuffs and replication was still saturated with the radiation of their home world, one that brought them an eternal youth and allowed them to suppress their predator’s instincts. But over time, the energies thinned and hunger soon reigned, hunger gave way to death, death had spawned fear and fear birthed madness. By the time his vessel found the chain of worldships she was the only one left with the sanity to resist, so near to deaths door that even the incredible sciences of his kind barely saved her. In the end it had been the creation of an artificial wormhole and the arrival on a world filled with billions of simplistic lifeforms that had saved them.

They fed, gorging themselves on non-sentient life and once the fever, the lunacy died down, when these luminous beings of conscience realized what they had done many killed themselves. Many more wailed and lamented, but it was her courage that guided them through. Her rigid discipline and her unwavering optimism created a primitive psychic link by which they learned to suppress their predator’s instincts, to feed, to hunt, to rape and kill. Through gentle effort and dedication, he watched as she built up that link until it could simulate the instinct chaining effects of her mother star. He watched as they began to enhance their animals, domesticate them and make them more “life force rich” while doing their best to make the motion compassionate, he watched them build cities. In a century, homeless refugees had made for themselves a primitive (by his standards) kingdom on the Western continent of this little world.

That was when he and a few of his fellow star travelers opted to help reveal themselves openly. For though they had assisted and saved them centuries prior, it had been in the in concealment, more akin to a classic abduction than a true first contact. They were still ashamed of their animal roots, the claws, the need to feed several times a day was a source of great shame. He’d understood immediately what the problem had been, like his species a billion years before them these exiles the Rish’Teari had been on the verge of evolving into beings of thought and energy. Like his kind, this began with the organic body evolving to generate something they called Qirus or core energy. To generate that power, some species evolved to naturally tap into the vast undercurrents of the innumerous dimensions between the physical realms. As his kind had, for them supplementing the energy came naturally, the psychics in their now, long faded empire had blended the mystical and the scientific and it allowed them pass into the light without much loss or hardship. But other races, sought other paths and most eventually went extinct because of it. These exiles, an exception, perhaps would eventually pass into the light despite their shortcomings, defying extinction, the burn up and exhaustion of core energy, or perhaps they would do as his kind had once, moor themselves partially in the physical when they so choose, allowing for recovery of those energies, perhaps they would be wise enough not to repeat the same mistake his kind had and pursue immortality, ignoring in arrogance the cost.

They decided to help, while they couldn’t accelerate their evolution, he and his friends decided to utilize their malleable nature to impart on them an element of themselves. The Kimera were an incredibly ancient species, they’d wandered the stars at their dawn, forged empires that spanned thousands of galaxies, raised up countless trillions of species, destroyed others, conquered many and had changed forms so many thousands of times they had become a repository for the genetic material of life itself long before they sought their immortality by bending the light to their will.

Those empires, had risen and fallen, taken old forms and new and were now all dust, but their imprint on the stars was indelible, it would endure until the ending of the universe, perhaps longer. And so, once again they touched those echoes and bring life to what might be the closest thing to a successor species his kind would ever find. They drew on their ancient powers, awakening abilities that long been dormant and slowly crafted for themselves a form in the image of the Rish’Teari, containing elements of their DNA, but remaining Kimera. They approached the leader of the exiles and bestowed upon her, through an union of the flesh and spirit the means by which to streamline the feeding process, her claws became regular fingertips and the palms of her hands glowed with the immense power of the one gift his species had no name for, yet it had ensured their evolution would reach its pinnacle and beyond, the means by which, these exiles might defy extinction.

He’d taken her that night, or rather, she’d taken him. For in all his eons of life no Kimera had experienced a species who instincts and passions matched their own. The organ, which would become perfected in the next generation would allow them to absorb energy more efficiently, without any pain and without the ravenous frequency. Fueled by this organ they called Sha’qar’ava, they might one day become as his kind was now. quod sumus hoc eritis.

She’d given him twin sons within a year of that exchange and over the next four thousand years she’d given him two hundred more, sons and daughters a veritable legion. Other Kimera had followed his example and their children melded the DNA of both races, creating a new hybrid species that was far more energy efficient and whose lifespans would be measured in the hundreds of thousands of years instead of tens. These were called Jar’Rish’Teari and they would bear the heaviest of crosses in time.

But how could they know? Two million years had passed, she would have, should have been long in the grave. Her children should have as well and yet, they’d persisted. The engines of their science spun, what technology the Kimera had gifted had been modified in unforeseeable ways and spurned on by the instincts they held tightly in check, channeled through Kimera DNA and that terrible gift of the Sha’qar’ava they became, something more, something horrible. Instead of evolving slowly towards the light they seemed to relish the physical even more, their drive towards enlightenment was twisted into a lust for conquest both of the physical and of death. Multiplying like locusts they swarmed the cosmos. When they discovered that though their life force could be sustained and prolonged, it would invariably begin to weaken, they from the radical to the perverse. Upon discovering that the essence of sentient beings could in part negate this withering they gorged themselves on trillions.

He’d left her then, just as she was planning her conquest of a random galactic cluster. Genetic engineering had increased the efficiency of energy absorption and due to her being his student and lover, due to her brilliance she was soon viewed as a goddess. And making her perversion complete, she embraced this image. Within half a million years, they far outnumbered the population which had driven them out, within a million they were drowning entire galaxies in blood, consuming all sentient life and moving on.

But two million years, even with all her tricks was simply too much time. Her body remained outwardly healthy and strong, but he could see it, deep within the patterns, the wavelengths. She was dying, they were all dying. Where the life of one sentient being could delay entropy and old age for a thousand years, it now took twenty lifeforms to buy her the same amount of time, her children, their descendants were stronger, some had even moved into the light but most were obsessed, grounded, battling death that would come for them soon.

She’d incorporated Kimera DNA into herself and the other “pure bloods” as well. Elements of it, but the perception of their purity became a mark of distinction, divinity. Her hunger, her pride, her vanity was such that their children, their beloved twins were corrupted by her proximity. They watched in muted horror at first then resignation then as willing, gleeful participants as her blood lust, left a hundred galaxies a graveyard and as they moved into this Galactic cluster. Now, their slaves and scientists, their engineers began work on a series of immense spires at every cardinal corner of this new galaxy, with thousands of more on every other world within.

All followed her directions, all followed the grand design but knew not what it was they were building Some, some dared to guess.

But he didn’t need to guess, he knew.

-Ramaz, my love, what have you done- thought and voice were one as you drifted through the endless currents of energies within the light of creation and on some level, she heard him for he felt her mind touch his. “It’s been a long time, Ha’Gel”

That voice, he remembered it in its youth, he’d forgotten what music was until she’d sung to him after their first coupling. But now, there was no beauty, only a twisted perversion of it. “Do not do this” He whispered through the gulf, pleaded, his “voice” tear filled provoked perhaps a stir of consciousness only for it to flicker out. “Are the mighty Kimera the only species worthy of immortality” She asked, scoffing, a voice filled with resentment.

“You can’t know what you are about to do, even now, with all the blood you’ve shed, you cannot know”

“Don’t speak to of cost!” she bit back, her energies rising, what had once been vibrant blues and greens and scarlets, were a tempest of crimson, of indigo and of a murky jade that seemed sickly. She reared on him and he could feel her power, her presence from the void, hear the baying of the countless lives she’d stolen to prolong herself unnaturally. At once it horrified and broke his heart “Don’t you think I’d avoid this I could?! We’ve destroyed so many galaxies, taken so much and no matter what I do, genetically, no matter how much I modify, alter and fix our species, we are denied progress, denied growth, denied eternity”

“Only because you hold back your own evolution, you lock yourself in stasis”

“Death is not evolution!” she spat, her voice haggard, she sounded so old in his mind, so withered, so tired. “struggle, is growth, growth is painful, sometimes, it leaves many we love behind” Was that their fate now?

Were the Jar’Rish’Teari a lost species? Sensing his thoughts, she seemed to grow angrier. “We will not pass into myth! We will not become a nightmare! And if we grow, we grow together! We will become what you are!”

“Ramaz! You cannot force this change! It is as spiritual as it is biological! You must understand this!” What have I done, Ha’Gel thought, horrified, heartbroken, all I wanted to do was help these people who I’ve come to love, to cherish, my friends, my children?

Energy began to roar around them, a torrent that seemed to stretch through space, through time, ripping holes in the walls between dimensions and a horrific truth dawned on him. She’d activated her terrible machines with the feedback arrayed too……our children!

“Ramaz! This insanity must stop!” He prepared to retaliate, to attack but he could feel the other Kimera interceding to stop him, to deny him the chance to put right this terrible mistake -this must come to pass brother-

“No! Ramaz! You’ll…you will…”

“Become something new, something grander.. Something superior”

He’d lost her, he knew it now, he’d lost her eons ago, perhaps he’d never had her truly. Perhaps he’d been too blinded by love to see it.

“Go now Ha’Gel, my love, we’ll see each other in eternity”

No, he thought. We will never meet again, but I will be there after the end.

The Triangulum Galaxy, flashed, in a bright, luminous glow that millions of years later would bring daylight to a little green blue world, a Galaxy close next door and lumbering simple beasts would look up in dumb wonder as daylight endured and endured and endured for ten days before the night returned.

And in a dead galaxy, two new species awoke and looked at the graveyard in which they were born with confusion, fear and hatred.
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Re: Paradise Lost.

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So this chapter is gonna be a tad bit darker, not especially PC and rather bleak, building on canon and changing it around a little in that a war on the scale of the SI conflict should have become a global opposed to a localized thing. Also, we get to see the perspective of some rather important characters and their different views on why things are the way they are.

Once again..lemme know if this is worth continuing.


Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes –
Virgil 29 BC

Christmas Eve; Beijing, A.D 2030

It had begun as it always seemed to. With the little guy getting pissed, what was it? He wondered, the specific event that had pissed the little guy off? So called Historians like to cite the decolonization of the world after the second world war and a post-cold war society that had begun to see progressivism and tolerance as the only mean to ensure global peace. That, the bigots, the whites, the bigots feared a loss of their power as those they had once oppressed began to gain access to more and more “public space”, as the perceived social imbalance began to reverse and a demand for atonement was met with hostility. Masking their hatred in things like populism and civil rights these men did everything they could to reverse the beautiful and bold change that was slowly germinating, growing and flowering into something supposedly wonderful.

They were simply scared, closed minded and their civil unrest, their collusion with hostile foreign powers in the name of separatism from this new, interconnected world led to the eventual defunding of the United nations and its complete collapse. Said collapse, would result in extremists in many countries seeking to restore the old, racist, sexist global order. Which in turn prompted China which was facing civil unrest, independence movements and riots across its more economically developed and traditionally westernized regions to initiate a violent crackdown that resulted in the United States and a resurgent, militarized Japan getting involved.

But that didn’t account for why Prime Minister Modi let the nukes fly, turning large chunks of Pakistan into an irradiated wasteland, or why his successor invaded China. Of course, the historians were mostly graduates of schools that emphasized social equity over education. They were resentful elitists who were watching their perverse status quo blow up in their faces or so General Daniel Doors was so fond of saying behind closed doors, where they couldn’t discharge you for speaking your mind.

It depended on who you asked, a fighter pilot he drank with on leave once told him (through slurs and many side tracks) that the world went to hell when Nixon went to China and let a bunh of manipulative snakes in. Snakes that began destabilizing everything from the moment they got in the door. His buddy, Major Kincaid believed things turned south simply because of apathy and human stupidity. His basic premise was that people fundamentally lacked the capacity to comprehend simplicity in Nuance. What began as something good, an attempt to help people simply got turned into a violent and fanatical movement due to how dumb and or shallow and selfish the average person was.

If you asked Elena Sandoval, she’d tell you bitterly “It was the moment those alphabet savages decided they were going to make the species in their grotesque image”, of course it was intensely personal for her. She’d been the eldest twin, her “baby brother” (who was only an hour younger than her) born Yessica Sandoval a noted activist and Sakura Laughlin. whose mother was Japanese, and father was Irish American. But Sandoval always referred to them as “The domestic terrorist and the hypocrite” refusing to refer to either of them by name or as mother. Her brother, had the misfortune of being born a boy when both “mothers” wanted a daughter, sensing a chance to elevate their prestige and appear on the cover of all the trendy rags they decided baby Santiago was really Isabella. The puberty blockers must have done something because Santi threw himself from his parents’ bedroom balcony onto a post when he eleven. A few weeks later the house burned down and Elena Sandoval was the only survivor. For her, the breakdown in society occurred when children began to be sacrificed at the altar of progress.

Each take may have contained elements of truth, but to Major William “Billy” Boone, he thought the world went to hell when he was eight years old and his father’s ministry was forced to close it’s doors because the coal mines were shuttered and suddenly all six thousand residents of his hometown were out of a job and homeless and President Obama told them all to learn to code (He didn’t really say it like that, but the social program he’d set up was just as dismissively insulting), first black president, supposedly things were better for his people because of it. But the Boones were descendants of Freedmen who ended up fighting in the American Civil war, at least on his fathers’ side. His mom was the daughter of dirt-poor white sharecroppers and she grew up in a trailer. They ended up running a congregation out of a community center in Chicago, where small town, rural Billy was suddenly running for his life and dodging bullets.

No, Boone thought, it wasn’t the “Alphabet” people that drove the world insane, it wasn’t because people were stupid, the excesses in gender politics that resulted in an eleven year old girl killing her parents to avenge her mutilated twin brother and the stupidity Liam ranted about came from one thing, one thing he knew well.

It came from the Devil and the Devil was Apathy.

Nobody cared, right, left, progressive, or conservative, neo-fascist, civic nationalist or anarcho-Satanist-communist people only joined movements to kill time, to pad their own vanity and ultimately to feel good about themselves for five minutes before going back to burying their heads in their smart phones. No one cared, people mutilated themselves, put proverbial guns to your head demanding you use made up pronouns or face a violent form of ostracization that often caused a slow death by displacement on one side and maniacs fired literal guns into churches in defense of a perceived belief in unity on the other and vultures in the middle exploited both for their own greed and everyone just…made a lot of noise for the right amount of time, then went back to whatever bullshit they were doing. Always chasing that five-minute-high before you could pat yourself on the back and return to not giving a single solitary damn about anything for the next twelve hours or so. That apathy led to his generation voting en masse for candidates that would pull the world away from itself, return to the insular nature of the great nations before the world wars. When their votes weren’t heard, when the Millennials marched in the streets with their silly black masks, their rainbow hair and their awful body odor and bros counter marched and his generation was ignored, when their will as exercised at the ballot box was merely set aside by a bunch of dying baby boomers who wanted to cling to power for one more second and then wrung their hands when civil uprisings followed, it wasn’t some Chinese plot, there wasn’t the hand of some gender inclusivity activist behind it, it was just simple apathy.

People didn’t care.

When Pakistan got turned into a parking lot, China attempted to respond with nuclear weaponry of its own, fearing a first strike from India. They paid for it with the destruction of the three gorges dam. South Africa was being torn apart by Marxists and people thinking it was still the nineteen eighties attacked the Boers when the Khoisians and Zulus went to war, as if they magically became white supremacists. Some idiot detonated a homemade Nuke in London and the Germans sent the EU army into the UK to “keep the peace”, this resulted in a bunch of insurrections in places like Hungary and Italy, France and Poland. The world clutched their pearls and paid lip service to a dying ideology, condemning the “fascists” who were mostly just regular people that were scared. The fires of apathy raged as China in a panic attacked those attempting to save it as well its enemies. Latin America caught on fire, apathy ignored the root of the social inequalities there and had done so for decades, eventually people got tired of Peronismo and its monstrous offspring and all hell broke loose.

Once again people shook their heads, made their comments then gorged themselves on food and phone games and ignored it until it came time for a collective back patting moment. That fix, that five-minute-high had given birth to a six-year land war in Asia that had resulted in the death of nearly half a billion Chinese, ten million Russians, seventy million Indians and almost the entire populations of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and North Korea. The US itself was embroiled in its own “civil uprising” dubbed the second American civil war by idiots that had largely ensured that the US armed forces were rather miffed about having to kill Asians when their loved ones were fighting the federal government and it turned a war that was once vigorously prosecuted into a slow crawl.

Apathy was why they were here now.

On January second, 2029 the United states of America did something it hadn't done in nearly a century. It deployed nuclear weapons against an enemy nation in war time. North Korea, China and Russia were all targeted, the world expected a retaliation from the Russian Federation that would end it all, but it turned out their nuclear devices were so screwed up and rusty they couldn’t even launch. Chinese forces were driven out of Taiwan, pushed into a boiling sea of their own creation as their families in Northern and Southern China were incinerated in radioactive hellfire. China responded as best it could, but all it managed to do was fuck up Mexico by accident and destroy Houston and Los Angeles, the global economy which was already in ruins took one more blow and the number one thing trending on twitter was some Jenner marrying her brother. At least until the social media stuff went down, Boone remembered laughing really hard at that, tasteless as it may have been. Yep, he thought, the world was ending, there’d be nothing but ruin after this, no developed or first world nation would be left with anything but a bunch of battle scars and a slow climb back to the top. Beijing, the march to Beijing, the final stage of the Sino-Indian war was set, though the civil wars erupting all over the world would likely persist for another decade or more.

Billy and his boys had been charged with entering the city on a commando raid to take down the last nuclear facility left to the Chinese in preparation for the invasion of the city itself. An invasion that, if the figures post the second Nanjing massacre were anything to go by, would result in the loss of upwards of seventy percent of the population of Beijing and half the armed forces doing the invading. Though, HQ was attempting to force a surrender before Indian troops arrived. If they resisted until India came, there wouldn’t be a soul left in Beijing, or anywhere else in China after the fact. The allied troops were just too exhausted to reign them in anymore.

It was supposed to be a suicide mission too, Boone chose Liam because like himself, the man had a son, he’d chosen every man and women in this death squad specifically because something of them would carry on, even if they failed. The exception was Elena Sandoval who at twenty three had no children of her own, had been fighting in this war (first entering it as a member of a militia) from the time she should have been in highschool. Child soldiers saddened him, but Sandoval who’d been drafted after they retreated from Mongolia terrified him. But she was a good soldier, she wanted to be with her brother, and she was (in his humble opinion) too crazy to ever go home. And so, they went, twenty doomed men into the belly of a dying Dragon to try and save their asses, knowing they would die.

Or that’s how it was supposed to go. What ended up happening, changed everything. They’d entered the facility sometime in the late evening, expecting a much higher level of resistance then they’d encountered. The goal was to destroy the facilities capacity to launch its nuclear missiles and detonate the few bombers it had on site, but they found the missile systems already deactivated, they’d found everyone inside hysterical as well. Ranting and raving about some light, Sandoval butchered most of them like cattle and had to be restrained, Boone threatened to have her court martialed if they survived this, but he wasn’t going to do that.

Kincaid bled to death, he took twelve rounds to the chest that his body armor protected him from but shrapnel from a grenade opened his throat and blew off most of his face. He’d officially be the last allied casualty of the war, because as soon as he died, the ground began to shake and the skies above them were filled with a loud, slow, roaring trumpet followed by a crack of thunder so loud Major Boone thought he’d gone deaf. Then he thought he’d gone blind only to realize it was just that Jenkins had thrown himself on both Boone and Sandoval as the entire roof and upper levels of the facility simply vanished in a haze of light, taking most of Jenkins with them., an ocean of purple energy splashed into the ground, washing over most of Beijing and as he pushed away what was left of Jenkins he found himself embracing Sandoval, who held him in muted awe. “Beautiful” she’d whispered.

Above them was something so enormous, so luminous that at first he thought it was some kind of phenomena, the nuclear exchange over the three gorges dam was said to have produced an aurora borealis like effect and what he saw above him seemed to be a light show, only the closer he looked, the more he realized it wasn’t merely a lightshow. It was massive, it seemed to cover the whole sky, horizon to horizon in every direction, at once translucent and intangible and yet solid. Bright pinks and purples danced through a body that seemed to be a fusion of a Manta Ray and gigantic crane, for its “tail” tapered off into a beautiful crest, while its wings, pulsed and seemed to gently, slowly alternate in intensity and colors, ranging from pink, to blue, to green, to indigo, to purple. The moon was gone, obscured by its immensity yet he could make it out, a sort of warped, blurry moon as though he was looking at its reflection underwater, through a mask. All around him, soldiers, civilians even the rats and birds seemed to stop in their tracks and look up in wonder, in awe, but he noticed none felt any fear as if the gentle auras of the behemoth creature emitted a pulse that relaxed their frayed nerves. It was a creature, he was convinced of that, it couldn’t have been anything else, the way it moved as it floated there, the noises it made, the pulsing, it was all that of an animal, but of an animal so big it seemed to cover all of China below its wings.

Beautiful, she’d whispered.

It was, but why was it here? Had it come to feed on the ruins of man? At once he felt an odd pang of shame at such a supposition, as if a creature this enormous and seemingly gentle didn’t deserve to be maligned by such thoughts. Maybe it had come, calling out in the dark wondering why these strange creatures were making such a racket in the void? It couldn’t have been a ship and yet a cascade of particles formed a screen, one that he was certain the whole of China could hear.

A face appeared! It had no hair, it seemed to be feminine and yet androgynous to such a degree he couldn’t determine the gender, when it spoke its voice was both and its word were lyrical, whispering, emotional and as they slowly began to take root in his mind he realized this alien being was speaking in English, at least to him.

“Please, lay down your weapons, do not mar any further, your precious souls, your beautiful minds nor your precious home world.”

Men and women did as it bid, with a confused reverence.

It spoke again.

“We are the companions and we come to you in peace”

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Re: Paradise Lost.

Post by sonofccn » Fri Nov 15, 2019 6:29 am

Okay. What show is this based off? I did a quick google on "Paradise Lost" but nothing I found seemed particularly sci-fi.

Its interesting.The Rish’Teari are an interesting race...very similar to the Wraith even down to be meddled with by "superior" beings who should have known better. Through I suppose I also see reflections of the Necrons and their envious rivalry with the Slann.

I don't know. I suppose the biggest issue for me is, so far, it feels like a lot of information is being frontloaded. The history of two entire alien races, the unraveling of the post-modern era of Earth. Might have been better to start in the facility with William “Billy” Boone and his team in all its hectic action glory only to have it cut off when the space whale thing shows up and we can spearhead from that into uncovering what the hell it is and how we can kill the thing eventually leading to uncovering the Wraith-like aliens and the Ancient-like aliens and their history. But that's just me, I like action.

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Re: Paradise Lost.

Post by Admiral Breetai » Fri Nov 15, 2019 1:43 pm

It's earth final conflict! Well "-rebooted"

And yeah it was exposition heavy, but that was mostly because it was a half shitpost. And because there was a lot originally in the show that they should have explained and failed too. A lot that they should never have explained and did.

So I was playing a bit on that.

Space Whale is the Taelon mothership. Can't kill the ol'gal just yet!

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Re: Paradise Lost.

Post by Admiral Breetai » Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:12 pm

Admittedly I half did this to see how long it would take to recognize, just what the hell I was putting out:p

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the similarity between the Lantean/Wraith origins and the Kimera/Taelon one.

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