star wars-star trek: a love story

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star wars-star trek: a love story

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Ch 1: The lovers hideout.

Captain Jean Luc Picard was not a impatient man by any means. Most who met him could tell immediately that he was an extremely self controlled person. But at this moment he was shaking with anticipation as his hands flew across the shuttles controls. It was easy to get away from the enterprise, even for a short while. Since the Empire had begun invading, it had been a non-stop war to expel them from the territory the empire had gained.

He had almost arrived to the place that was always on his mind, Venneta IV. As he came out of warp and the orange planet came into view, he began to reminece about the first time he had seen this planet.

6 months previously he had led a small fleet of ships with the enterprise at the head. The objective was to destroy an imperial space station that acted as a supply depot for imperial warships. Everything had gone according to plan, they'd jumped in, and had the element of surprise on their side. Making quick work of the defenses and supply depot, the fleet began to search for any possible stragglers. Picard felt he could retire to his ready room to begin writing the report. Upon entering his quarters though, everything went to black.

He'd awoken later on the surface of Venneta IV. And that's where he found forbidden love that threatened to tear apart everything he knew.

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