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Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:37 am
by Khas
Chapter Fifteen

"So..." NERV Vice-Commander Kozo Fuyutsuki began. "Are they still set on their goal?"

"Yes." Gendo replied. "The Committee, it seems, is still hell-bent on bringing Instrumentality to fruition. We will have to act faster if we hope to avert this." Fuyutsuki turned to face out of the window at the lake and the forest that covered most of the Geofront's ground. If it hadn't been for the extensive power systems delivering enough light to make it seem like day, the remarkable underground forest of the Geofront could not have existed.

"Harmony across the galaxy." Fuyutsuki said. "Yet at such a high cost. It isn't worth it." he paused. "Are you sure we need the Evas though, considering how they fit into their plans?"

"The Evas are the only things capable of repeatedly defeating Adam's Children. They would be necessary even if Instrumentality wasn't in the picture." Gendo replied. "Not to mention the invaluable roll they would have in fighting off the Trollocs and Myrddraal, as well as the Legion, before Tarmon Gai'don comes. As well as any other unexpected threats that might show up."

"Still, we're taking on Seele by ourselves. Any organization that old, large, and powerful is bound to-" Fuyutsuki stopped when he noticed the smirk on Gendo's face. "There's something you haven't told me, isn't there?"

"Of course." Gendo replied. A faint light flickered behind the two men. They turned around to find themselves facing three men wearing black leather coats, pants, and boots. Two of them - a Bajoran and a Kroot - stood behind the third, a middle-aged human. The human walked towards them.

"Ikari." The man began. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"Yes." Gendo replied. "Not since Catachan, Sloan." Sloan chuckled.

"That was quite the adventure, wasn't it?" he began. "Now then, you'll be happy to know that that business in Jerusalem has been taken care of."

"Excellent." Gendo replied. "I doubt the Old Man will know until it's too late."

"That's what we were counting on, wasn't it?" Sloan asked. "Now then..." As the two men began to talk, Fuyutsuki watched silently.

Well, well. Section 31? Ikari, you never cease to astound me. Fuyutsuki thought. To fight Seele, you picked an organization just as old, large, secretive, and powerful. I'm impressed.

"And that's just about it. Oh, one more thing. You know those rumors about that thing being on Mars?" Sloan asked.

"Yes?" Gendo responded.

"They're true."

"I see." Gendo said, in a voice that betrayed no emotion. Most men would have blanched if they knew. Gendo Ikari, however, was not your average man. "That is all, then?"

"Yes." Sloan replied. "For now, at least." Sloan walked back to his comrades. "Until we meet again, Ikari." The trio disappeared in the light of a transporter beam.

"So, they can beam through shields now?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"Yes." Fuyutsuki shook his head at Gendo's reply.

"I'll never understand how you can work with these... people. First Seele, now Section 31?"

"It's only an alliance of convenience. Once the two groups play their parts, our affiliations with them end." Gendo said. "And for the record, Section 31 is the lesser of the two evils. They actually have some scruples."

"Still, you have to think, what would Yui have thought of these alliances?" Fuyutsuki asked. Gendo glared at him. He used her name in an attempt to shame him. Were he any other man, Gendo would have killed him on the spot, without any regrets.



"We'll launch a two-pronged assault on the Trollocs' base." Angelos began. "The first wave will approach from the north, to draw their attention away from the second group. Their job will be to attack from the south-east, where the Trollocs' defenses are weakest. The Thunderhawk squadrons will provide aerial support during the battle. Now, are there any questions?" Several PDF troopers' hands raised. Angelos picked one at random. "Yes?" he asked a young trooper sitting in the middle of the assembled troops.

"Is it true that Trollocs eat their prisoners?"

"Unfortunately, that rumor is true. During the war, captured cities were often turned into breeding centers, where the citizens were forced to serve as food-slaves to the Trollocs." Angelos replied. The trooper's face turned green. "Any other questions?" Another set of hands went up. "Yes?" Angelos asked, as he picked another soldier.

"Where do Trollocs come from? Aren't they, like, human-animal hybrids?"

"Our current theories suggest that they were the experiments of a rogue Goa'uld, who never bothered to put his markers on their DNA. However, their deity's title, the "Great Lord of the Dark", is not one of any known Goa'uld. One last question." Angelos picked a third soldier at random.

"Is it true that you and your company carried out General Order 24 on the planet Cyrene during the war?" Angelos' face hardened.

"Yes. It is true." he replied. "You are all dismissed now. Except you." The other troopers all turned to look at the soldier who had asked the offending question.

"Hey, smooth move, Lister." One soldier said.

"Shut up." The other soldiers either laughed or rolled their eyes as they left the command center. Less than a minute later, Angelos and Lister stood alone.

"Since you were obviously ignorant of that bit of history, I won't throw you into the brig." Angelos said.


"Yes, we did carry out General Order 24 on Cyrene. The Trollocs had overran the planet, and there was little else we could do."

"That's all I wanted to know, sir. Why did you threaten to throw me into the brig?"

"Because of the specifics of the planet." Angelos replied. "Cyrene was my homeworld. My responsibility."

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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:42 pm
by sonofccn
I'm not sure exactly what "Instrumentality" is but I've seen enough Sci-Fi to know anything which brings/forces "Harmony" is never good. So I'm rooting for Gendo. :)

Also Sloan is now in the picture. Things are going to get quite interesting.

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Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:50 pm
by Khas
Instrumentality is actually far worse than anything you could have guessed.

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Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:02 am
by Khas
And for the record, while Gendo's goals are noble, his personality is ice-cold, and his methods are utterly ruthless. He very much has an "Ends Justify The Means" ideology.

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Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:44 pm
by Khas
Chapter Sixteen

Gabriel Angelos was impressed. It wasn't often an army like the one before him was assembled for duty. Most of the time, planetary assault forces tended to be small, designed for quickly capturing key parts on a planet. A few hundred MACOs, a couple dozen Asha'man, a handfull of Blood Raves or Space Wolves, and a few tanks and 'Mechs tended to get the job done most of the time, and generally were sufficient to fend off ground raids, or put down rebellions. However, this was not one of those times. Tartarus was facing a full invasion by Trollocs, and the Star League government obviously wasn't taking any chances. Before him stood a force comprised of two thousand MACOs, one thousand Asha'man, his own Blood Ravens Third Company - a hundred men strong - , several hundred tanks of various designs, and over a hundred BattleMechs, ranging from small and light ones like Firestarters to heavy and powerful Mad Cats and Atlases and even three of the superheavy Ares-class Mechs. The soldiers around him bore a wide and ferocious variety of weapons. Phaser, bolter, tetryon, and flame rifles for the most part, but there were also some who carried photon grenade launchers, isomagnetic disintegrators, and even chainswords - the famous (or infamous, depending on your views of combat) sword-chainsaw hybrids - for close combat. This was a force whose like hadn't been deployed since the Trolloc Wars. It was one meant to take a planet back quickly, one who's sheer might would crush almost all who stood in its way.

And with good reason.

Reports had come back from the front lines that the Planetary Defense Forces were facing more than just standard Trollocs and Myrddraal here. Footage had come of the third form of Trolloc-spawn. The bat-winged humanoids, the Draghkar. While they lacked the brute strength of the Trolloc, or the Myrddraal's intelligence, the Draghkar made up for with their horrifying arcane ability. Called the "Kiss of the Draghkar", the Draghkar would place its lips on those of its victim, sucking away their soul, and later, life-force. Even those who had only a brief contact with a Draghkar's lips would never be the same people they once were, part of their souls sucked away forever. Angelos, like many men in the late 24th century, had once been skeptical about the existence of souls, but after seeing the effects of the Draghkar's kiss, and hearing testimonies of Asha'man who had been there to see the actual draining of the soul, he no longer had any doubt.

"So then..." Angelos began. "This is the force Starfleet Command sent to aid us?"

"Yes sir!" one of the MACOs shouted, while saluting him. "The top brass called this a Priority Alpha mission. Odd, considering that this planet is a remote backwater."

Odd indeed. Angelos thought. "Very well. With our reinforcements having arrived, and the starport's defenses reinforced, we shall begin the attack."

"When?" The MACO who had talked to him earlier asked.

"Immediately." Angelos replied. The MACO smiled. "Men," Angelos began again, adressing the assembled army, his voice booming over the microphone in his power-armor. "As you all know, we are facing the most vile and contemptible enemy mankind has ever fought. Even the Goa'uld had more redeeming qualities than these beasts. We face an enemy that makes no distinction between military and civilian targets, and uses the most deplorable tactics to achieve its goals. Which is why we must not fail this day! Against any other enemy, this would be mere propaganda, an effort to demonize a force not so different from ourselves. But Trollocs, and their spawn, the Myrddraal and Draghkar, are no ordinary foe! For all intents and purposes, they are evil incarnate, and must be wiped out in order to ensure the survival of humanity! You have seen the holovids of the Trolloc War, and many of you, like myself, are veterans of that terrible conflict, and know just what we are up against. Every Trolloc slain is a friend or relative avenged! It is now, that we strike against this monstrous enemy, and make our stand! Soldiers of mankind, today, we RECLAIM THIS PLANET!" Shouts and cheers filled the air at the end of Angelos' speech, as the troops began boarding transports, while the tanks and 'Mechs started moving out on their own. Well... Angelos thought. at least I don't have to worry about morale.


The laser drill died down, and the object they had come for was uncovered. Pran, unbeknownst to any who couldn't see inside his refrigiration suit, smiled.

[At last.] The Breen commander began. [We have what we came for.] He turned to his chief science officer. [How long until the power generator gets this running again?]

[A few minutes, Thot.] The other Breen replied. [It hasn't been used in quite some time, and will take awhile to get to full power.]

[That is fine. As long as we have the...] A beeping came from inside his helmet. [Yes?]

[Thot, our sensors have detected a large Trolloc army near your position.]

[Acknowledged.] Pran replied. [Begin beaming down our troops, channelers, and 'Mechs. We shall aid the humans in the reclaiming of this world. Even if it is only a front for our true reasons here.]

[Aye sir.]

Pran looked back at their recently uncovered prize, and smiled again. After all, it wasn't every day you uncovered a Stargate.

Buenos Aires, South America, Earth

Misato gulped down the remainder of the beer in her glass, and then placed the glass mug down with a "thud". Ritsuko looked on at her old friend, who seemed capable of downing more beer than the bar had to offer.

"That's your third one tonight." Ritsuko began. "Normally, I wouldn't complain, but those were huge mugs."

"Yeah, well, after the events in that village, I needed it." Misato replied. "All that carnage, the relocation efforts, and Unit-00 being deployed ahead of schedule, it's just been one hell of a day."

"Worse than that time in college?" Ritsuko asked. Misato raised her eyebrow in confusion. "You know, that class trip, junior year?" Misato's eyes widened, and her face turned bright red, as the memories came back. Memories of getting stranded on some backwater world after the rest of her class had gone back to Earth, and having to hitch a ride on a Pakled freighter.

"Actually, yes." Misato replied, sighing. "Still, there's another thing that's been bugging me ever since we got back to NERV-HQ."

"And what's that?" Ritsuko replied.

"Don't you think it's odd that Commander Ikari didn't react at all to the news of Unit-00's early deployment?"

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Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:21 am
by sonofccn
No. There is nothing exceptional with Gendo not being surprised at something. And if you want to stay breathing I suggest you remember that.;)

Can't wait for the "fireworks" to go off Gabriel and the rest, sounds like its going to be one hell of a show.

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Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:29 am
by Khas
sonofccn wrote:No. There is nothing exceptional with Gendo not being surprised at something. And if you want to stay breathing I suggest you remember that.;)
Those who forget it get Gendowned:

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Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:40 pm
by Praeothmin
sonofccn wrote:No. There is nothing exceptional with Gendo not being surprised at something. And if you want to stay breathing I suggest you remember that.;)

Can't wait for the "fireworks" to go off Gabriel and the rest, sounds like its going to be one hell of a show.
My sentiments exactly... :)

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Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:57 pm
by Khas
For the record, Gendo KNEW the Trollocs were coming, thanks to a prophecy in secret Dead Sea Scrolls, which was why he sent Unit-00 on Voyager in the first place. He just didn't tell anyone else, except for the Committee and Fuyutsuki. He probably pulled some strings in Starfleet to get them to accept bringing Unit-00 on Voyager, officially for the reason of getting Rand and Shinji ready to pilot Units 07 and 01 respectively.

In short, Gendo is conning EVERYONE in order to further his goals.

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Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:08 pm
by Praeothmin
Plus, he knew Voyager's magically size-changing shuttlebay to accommodate different-sized vehicles would be able to accommodate Unit-00's size... :)

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Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:16 pm
by Khas

Either that, or he got it to curl up in a ball in the shuttlebay.

EDIT: You're not kidding about Unit-00's size. The average BattleMech (both in canon BattleTech and in FPE) is between 10 and 15 meters tall, with some going up to 20 meters.

An Eva (in both canon Evangelion and FPE) is 55 meters tall.

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Posted: Fri May 10, 2013 11:25 pm
by User15066
Interesting mix of stuff, though I'm saddened by the lack of Terran equipment. Please, show us what you have spun.

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Posted: Sat May 11, 2013 4:38 am
by Khas
Well, it's Warcraft I was using for this, not StarCraft.

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Posted: Sat May 11, 2013 4:42 am
by User15066
So? Starcraft is the best example of force multiplication for normal mooks I know of. Some major swag in their favor is the fic Phantoms of the Present on Fanfiction, although it is slightly overpowered there. But they do have the best normal human minions in the multiverse.
Anyway, we have a refrigerated species digging up a Stargate. Not really impressive, except if it was destroyed.

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Posted: Sun May 12, 2013 6:05 pm
by Khas
Well, StarCraft was never going to be part of this fanfic. It's already part of my other big fanfics, and I wanted to try something different.