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Sid Mier's reality! From

Post by StarWarsStarTrek » Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:58 pm

I posted this to, and I think that it might be interesting here too.

You, spacebattlers, have been hunterers and gatherers since, as Civilization puts it, time immemorial. However, you have decided to settle down and start a civilization.


You act as the civilian body of the new civilization. You can choose to vote on issues, propose changes, etc. Apparently, ancient man discovered democracy far earlier than we thought.

Proposing something

In order to propose a change, you need to say so, with a decent amount of details going into it. For example, if you think that we should start researching how to make sharp pointy sticks out of that shiny greyish stuff over there, you'd need to say so. You can ask questions for clarification if needed.

Then, 2 other people will have to approve of it, with nobody disagreeing. If there are disagreements, you guys can discuss it until agreeing to a vote, or me declaring one. Then, if a majority supports the change, it goes through.

Game mechanics

Population: each inhabitant has a certain population count that will change over the course of various timeskips, based on a variety of factors.

Specialization: At the beginning, the specialization is 50% hunters and 50% gatherers. However, as time goes by, more and more professions may become available.

Farmers - available with the research of agriculture
Soldiers/warriors - available at start
Merchants - available with the proliferation of currency
etc. etc.

If needed, someone can propose a profession added and/or a shift in the percentage of the population for each. For example:

50% hunters
50% gatherers

30% farmers
30% hunters
40% gatherers

And then can be approved like usual.

Habitats - cities, towns, villages, etc. A new one can be assembled by assembling an entourage of any number of settlers of 50, with one unit of food per settler. Depending on where you want to settle, there may be casualties from disease, wild animals, etc. Upon settling a new city, it becomes part of our civilization.

Food - there is a unit of food, and each person needs one. A self sustaining environment, such as a lake, will provide a base amount of food points. With a surplus, more specialists can be afforded with less people needed to work the lands. If there is a food shortage, the population will steadily decline and unrest might occur.

Happiness - this typically stays even, however, it may lower if food shortages, unpopular regimes, etc. occur.

Health - affects growth rate and mutually affects happiness.

Technologies - as unrealistic as it may seem, you can research technologies, scientific principles, culture, etc. from the beginnings of civilization. There is no determined tech tree, so you can request any tech and I'll determine how long it takes to research it.

Building stuff - you can request to build anything within common sense with the stuff you have. Their effects I will specify.

Military - you can construct/researching military formations, troops, tactics, ideas, etc. that are available at your tech level, and it will be automatically incorporated into your army. For example, researching archery would allow for the basics of bow and arrows to creep into your military. You can propose doctrine changes as to the general composition of the military.

Basically, you're job is to try to lead your civilization through the ages.

What's going on

0 years after settling...

Population: 1000

50% hunters
50% gatherers

Happiness: content

Health: life span about 40 years

Food production/consumption: 5000/1000

Technologies: spoken language, basic stone tools, fire making, hunting and gathering, cloth making


You guys set up some basic huts around a lake. Around you is grassland, with a few trees. You don't see an end to this in sight, although there are some hills a little out into the horizon. There are plenty of herbivores in the area. The lake is very large, with a supply of 1000 food units, containing plenty of fish, although you haven't mastered fishing yet, so only the easy to reach ones are edible.

This area is a unknown area large. You have no idea where you are; in universe, you're not supposed to know about the shape of the Earth or other stuff like that. You don't know what continent you are on, or even the existence of such land masses. The temperature is mild, not too hot and not too cold.

What do you do? The habitat seems to be enough for the time being, but as your population grows, it won't last forever. Although in universe you're not supposed to know this, the surrounding area in sight can feed about 5000 grown people.

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