The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

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The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by Admiral Breetai » Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:50 pm

my first shot at fan fiction on this forum if it sucks I apologize if it's unreadable I apologize if yall hate it..same lol

any ways here you guys go The Tides of History chapter 1 part 1

Standard disclaimer applies I own neither Star Wars or Star Trek if I did I'd probably be on my own island and not posting fanfics

some stipulations here-the whole of enterprise will be entirely ignored and the Temporal cold war wont be mentioned and never will happen, as for what I intend to use as Canon for Wars and Trek everything for trek up to the events in the STO game as for the SWU side movies primarily and the clone wars show no EU as much as I can avoid it and absolutely no ICS or TCM's for trek any sort of “numbers” wont be touched on here, this is just pure story as well as I can manage


it existed simultaneously in all points of space time a ship made out of pure energy floating its wing outstretched in a void between dimensions, it sat there as it had for the past century or so, the vessel who's name is unpronounceable was once one of a mighty fleet of an ancient and vastly powerful group of species, they had many names some of them Olympians others other gods some in society's long dead, the ancient humanoids the first to blossom in the Milky way Galaxy called them the “teachers” the Borg called them “perfection” the Voth “demons and monstrous lightships ” Metrons was the name one of their member groups called themselves but now long after that great great war when those of his race the first now are known simply as“preservers”

he sat in the captains chair monitoring a series of events happening in three different galaxies in three different eras, The First taking place five years in the past at the dawn of the twenty fifth century AD by human reckoning an old argument passionately debated on the new home world of the founders

the second taking place now The Enterprise E making her final mission sets out with a hundred ships to the lesser Magellanic cloud to establish the first Federation colonies in an entirely new Galaxy, with vast improvements made to the Quantum slipstream drives the humans ever looking outward have taken the first steps in their destiny.

The third event was occurring in a galaxy far far away-an endless vicious cycle that had been programmed into the denizens of that Galaxy to slow down their growth which had gone horribly wrong exploded now into the open a new.. the repetition required a cure but the cure can often be worse then the disease

“well well, what have we here?” a voice interrupted his solitude “oh yes Jean Luc will be going where no human has gone before, how typical” the arrogance belayed pride in his little pet “I suppose Grave robbing whats left of the Borg after what happened to them due to Kathy has served them well”

the being watching turned “Q “ he remarked both appearing in forms not truly their own Q taking the form of a human veiled in a star fleet Captains uniform while the Preserver opted for something more humble and molded himself into the form of a Terran turtle “your kind still does not change now does it? And to think at one time my ancestors worshiped you and your ilk as benefactors and gods” it chuckled

“and your still primitive and slow you just lost your charming sense of humor” he turned eying one of the monitors “oh..he's still alive”

“he's becoming troublesome, the changelings have grown weak and fearful over the millennium the old argument has changed a bit and his personality is winning out in the link“

“no doubt the thrashing they received at the hands of the Federation has made them even more fearful and resentful..pathetic” Q remarked

“you'd think Odo would provide a good counter argument”

“Odo has the passions of a block of wood and the charisma of one as well he will loose this debate “ Q observed

“yes and with things the way they are a war will happen that never should “ he said “I'm going to do something about him..and end this annoyance”

Q seemed content to watch for a second then paused “wait” he said grinning mischievously “you have two is your former pet race is about to unleash itself at the helm of a madman hell bent on recovering lost technology to use it to annihilate humanity your new pet race” Q observed

“and yours” the preserver remarked harshly “if the Dominion gets their hands on an Ark it will end in slaughter unceasing “

“yes, a trifle unfortunate” he remarked “but you also have a second minor problem, you handled that particular Galaxy there shockingly bad and disturbed something wonderfully unique in the process” he remarked “what if..we where to fix two problems simultaneously “

“and how to propose this?” The preserver asked gazing at Q with as much an annoyed look as a turtle could muster

“why simple we direct them in search of an will lead them on a collision course with your other mistake' he grinned “and that will upset things terribly”

The turtle frowned as much as it could “that's insane and serves absolutely no purpose..other then for them to get their hands on one of our vessels”

“a ravaged broken down one..I could also guide certain elements of Starfleet to the same place eventually..they'd do the right thing I'm sure..and just think of it! What better way to cure stagnation then massive cultural shock!!” he grinned “and the do gooders naturally would eventually feel compelled to dispose of anything that could potentially go into the wrong hands”

the preserver frowned “that is an extremely chaotic and violent way to fix a series of mistakes” he remarked “and maybe unnecessary”

“violent and chaotic but definitely necessary” he countered “things have gotten that bad my friend..besides how long has it been since you've got to watch a really good multi Galactic war on your little TV my friend”

“I'll talk to the others” he said “but I disagree with this” he closed his eyes

Q grinned waiting and switching one of the channels to something more interesting well more juvenile any ways such as naked Orion slave girls..

when the turtle opened his eyes and sighed “must so crass?” he mumbled changing it back to the enterprises last and most legendary journey “they agree”

“of course they do and yes yes I do” Q said grinning looking at the great link as it shivered an argument ended five years ago and several days later a massive expeditionary force began to move

“it's going to be amusing” Q said “ a War between darkness and Darkness and shades of gray to determine the fate of the light”

“shades of gray?” he asked

“oh you didn't think I'd send Picard on this little jaunt..did you?” he grinned “oh no there’s a secret organization within the federation I have a few pets at..that I think would be entirely applicable to fix this mess” he said with a sly some what sinister grin


2405 location unknown

Several massive Dominion capital ships dropped out of a blue swirling hole in space followed by dozens and dozens of construction ships and Jem'hadar fighters numbering in the hundreds and lesser battleships, the mass of fighters warping off in different directions as the main convoy made its way towards a gas giant with a dozen very large moons, many of which where now fully forested with oceans and cities being constructed while others seemed to be full of various primordial gases and mosses, orbiting around this world it's gas giant a bluish green beast one could begin to see myriads of small dots dozens the construction ships made their way over towards them

this was the pinnacle of Dominion engineering having been started at the end of the dominion war in decades they had created several habitable for the races they would be commissioning from the Gama quadrant and dozens of training grounds and cloning facilities orbiting the Gas giant shipyards all gearing up and making ready for war. This world would be the default capital of the Dominion in this galaxies “unknown” regions, various vessels could be seen appearing exiting an alternate FTL mode leaders of the various dozen or systems in this part of space that had joined the Dominion after witnessing their terraforming capabilities something apparently lacking in any manageable scale in this Galaxy among other things. This vast fortress world code named “Leviathan” served both as the main base but also has a massive PR machine displaying the wonders of Dominion life, they planned on building many worlds like this when they began their search.

All they where waiting on was the last bit of intelligence needed to make this dream possible which now came in the form of the Cargo of the lead ship. It maneuvered over the most fertile of the colonized moons and docked with a large purple saucer like space station that orbited the moon


Dominion command Center Leviathan fortress

Miraz stood a formidable seven feet, a massive creature who's ancestors had more in common with Earths Grizzly's then one might think. Miraz people where a formidable warrior race who fought for the Dominion thousands of years before the Jem'hadar and now rose through the ranks becoming trusted over seers and elite guardsmen who protected the most important of founders the elders and the more dominant voices in the great link. Miraz was charged with security and coordinating forces in this sector, he had been here since the beginning even though they had only recently gotten permission to begin this in the first place, he noted the audacity of the founder leading this crusade and had to admit his pride in serving such a unique leader. Eying the capital ship that docked noting its unusual size even for the typically large brutes he sneered. Vi'retess was coming his colleague and rival an ancient vorta over a century old the seventh in a line of clones dating back almost a thousand years that had been engineered to specific standards by the Ancient one the founder leading the conquest.

He observed as the gray haired pale skinned Vorta walked his way out of the transporter bay, The Vorta had always existed in the Dominion but where always at a second place to his people and the now Extinct Kama'tauri the Kama's had functioned as observers and administrators for the founders and Miraz people fought as the soldiers, but the Kama's had rebelled tried to steal away power from the founders Miraz ancestors quickly stopped them and the Founders thanked them by making them the elite guard and protectors of the internal ranks of the dominion a glorified desk job fearing that they too would become ambitious. He snuffed the air at the thought The Vorta and Jem'hadar where unimaginative people only doing an adequate job as they where made too and nothing more. He smirked he had heard rumors the ancient ones Vorta and Jem'hadar where different, he looked forward to it.

“ah you are General Miraz yes?” the Vorta's neutral voice broke into his train of thought “Yes, you are Vi'retess it is an honor to meet a Vorta of such a prestigious line as yourself” he said exchanging the typical pleasantry “hah! I doubt that you are your kind hates us and it's understandable “ he smirked “don't worry I am not like the others come! I bring you a gift for your hospitality ”

“shame I have no gift for you” he remarked intrigued he followed along then grinned as he saw a small Akira class star ship being hauled into the engineering section “and yes this one has a quantom slipstream drive, combined with our research on the matter and our friends hyperspace technology I believe we can come up with something reasonable to your projections”

“excellent how long?” Miraz asked “oh in two months we'll have a working prototype I trust your engineers can incorporate the technology into existing ships?” he asked “inside of four months from the prototype we can have half the fleet ready and when construction starts at least a dozen vessels a month rolling out of each Shipyard all slip capable”

“hmmm we'll have to do better then that I want a fleet of at least sixty thousand ships ready within a year of activation”


“tell that to him when he arrives”

“he's coming here?”

“oh yes in six months”

“I may have a solution “ he remarked


“This empire has a strong rebellion going, an alliance to restore a Galactic republic I have taken the liberty of putting out peace feelers”

“you wish to forge an alliance, with these “republicans”? He asked “n support them in their bid to reestablish their little republic” he asked “the Dominion does not second chair to some senate Miraz” he said firmly “with respect ancient Vorta” Miraz said firmly “the Republic fell to the empire due to a mix of feuding dogmatic religions and mass scale corruption”

“yes I've read up on this Darth sidious “

“then you know it logical he was manipulation both sides and thus controlled the Republic from the side lines”

'' You mean to rule through them?”

“I mean officially recognizing the Alliance to restore the Republic as the only legal government in this sector of the universe and declaring war on the Empire in support of them in exchange for exclusive trade rights and of course a seat on the senate and any committee..essentially a controlling interest we can gradually assimilate while we search for our primary objective”

“ah so you too suspect there is another reason for us being here?” he grinned “I will take your idea to the ancient the mean time divert all personnel to reverse engineering that Federation ships drive system”

“as you command” he said bowing before leaving, turning back Vi'retess eyed the darkest corner of the room a shadow slowly formed a mass that formed into gradually an old human male with long white hair “you heard all that founder?”

“yes, a practical idea, take a cruiser and some fighters as soon as they have the upgrades find these rebels and give me your views on them”

“and if I should run into the empire”

“we cannot yet allow them to trace you back here do not engage unless necessary or convenient”

“the founder is wise”



The Mon Calamari cruiser darted its way across space it was one of the few who had escaped a raid on an Imperial weapons depot several others where severely damage would have to hide in local systems until repairs could be affected.

Captain Garros leaned back in his seat as Rebel officers scuttled about on all sides of him he wiped some sweat from his brow. This raid was daring and it did work but the cost to the Rebellion was heavy four of their Cruisers destroyed and a number of support ships, Garros sighed “status on the Valiant and the Reliant? “ he asked nervously “they are going to head to a local nebula and begins repairs their support ships are going to follow and lend as much aid as possible” his aid said

“damn” he hissed “in this region of space? “

“they don't have a choice sir they're hyper damaged and they're reactors are loosing power, if they don't try and at least make basic repairs”

Garros nodded “offer to take as many personnel on board as possible , finish repairs and make for the unknown regions”

“sir on our present course we're going to have to come out of hyperspace near Tatooine “ he stated “there’s been allot of Imperial activity in that area lately”

“that back water hell hole?” he asked “ever since that Skywalker kid” he mumbled “alright let's play it fast and safe the last thing we need is another fire fight jump as soon as we can make for Tatooine ” he remarked “aye sir”

he leaned forward -how many other ships didn't make it in their missions? Akbar was right this was too risky- he thought, though little did he know the fleet silently following him to his rendezvous point would bring with it the chains of fate irrevocably tying down the fate of two galaxies.

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by sonofccn » Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:30 pm

Not bad. If I may make a slight suggestion I do hope this isn't just a cake walk for the Dominion, one way or another I hope the Empire puts up a decent fight.

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by Admiral Breetai » Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:01 pm

sonofccn wrote:Not bad. If I may make a slight suggestion I do hope this isn't just a cake walk for the Dominion, one way or another I hope the Empire puts up a decent fight.
it wont be actually I'm planning on having some close space battles The Domies are also for the foreseeable future considerably outnumbered they're also being lead by a changeling who for all intents and purposes makes Sidious look like bastion of ethics and wisdom and decency (both in terms of mental stability and what type of atrocities ones willing to commit ) sooner or later a guy like thats gonna f*(k up and cheese off every one.. and loose his rebel friends

i plan on making it a mix of intrigue back stabbing politicing..and space battles..and you can't do that while writing pro wars or trek stomp least I've never seen any one succeed at it

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by Mike DiCenso » Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:42 am

Not too bad, though I would recommend spending some time going through your text to correct a few annoying grammatical errors, as well as capitalizing, punctuation, and spelling.

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by Admiral Breetai » Mon Jan 03, 2011 3:51 am

Yeah i am sorry for the grammatical errors I got a hold of a copy of Microsoft word so hopefully this helps

hope you guys like the next additions..sorry it took so long hopefully I did the space battle well suffice to say Dominion arrogance bites their rears a bit

chapter 1 part 2

Imperial capital Coruscant- same time

Imperial Moff Galadere Suroc nervously made his way down the corridors of the former senate building , the massacre that had been perpetrated here by the Emperor was something he had not been present for being in command of one of the outer rim sectors none the less he marveled at the audacity, Galadere was young when the clone wars exploded into the galactic scene too young to fight for much of the war he grew up in a house with a very militant father though he was in the minority in the family. The great arguments that waged between family members influenced him deeply and he had been left with a very strong sense of a need of a central government. Corruption and religious fanatics like the Jedi seized control of the affairs of the old republic and manipulated it with casual ease the elite keeping men like his father down, pests the lot of them.

He reached the end of the corridor he was supposed to meet some one here and waited nervously around until he felt a hand grip his shoulder turning he eyed a man in a white uniform “Grand Admiral” he blurted out shocked a hand rose cutting him off the figure smirked “you have been lax in your duties to the Empire Suroc “

“What?! No ! Impossible “he frowned “I have maintained order in my sector there have been no uprising”

“and yet you and the other Moffs in that region have been neglectful in reporting rumors of unusual activity in the unknown regions”

Suroc frowned, perhaps he should have been more thorough in his reports “I am sorry, but they where merely rumors the gossip of traders many of them completely outrageous besides I was under the impression the emperor for the time being had little interest in the uncharted territories “

“Oh, rest assured Suroc I’m not accusing you of being a bad officer you follow all edicts to the letter an obedient soldier, but I am not Vader I wont kill you if you make a mistake on your own accord, not unless it’s too severe I like a little initiative and original thinking in my officers “

“I see” he said weary “then am I to indulge these rumors”

“Not over much, the ones I find especially crazy are the stories of a new space faring power that’s supposedly gathering worlds to it with advance technology, such things are madness but a new not previously encountered aggressive species on the move out there is something worth drawing my eye”

“I have trouble believing such a thing could pose a threat to us sir, “

“You may not believe it is a threat but with the Rebellion’s recent victories if such a race where to say, foolishly flex their muscles the distraction would be maybe a threat”

“But surely the emperor?! Vader” he was dismissed with a gesture “I have faith in our masters ability to ensure Galactic stability be assured, but we must remain vigilant it is our duty to ensure their reign is ever lasting and with out interruption”

“Yes my lord I will dispatch probe droids and a small expeditionary force to determine the validity of some of these rumors as soon as I return”

“Excellent, tell me have you been to the opera house of late?”

“No, my lord I confess I’ve never had a taste for it “ he confessed “neither do I but there is an after hours party for officers..Some of the finest drink and entertainment in the capital if you feel up to it”

A smirk came over Suroc face “very well then I think it’s time I developed the tastes of my station

Rebel Alliance Mon Calamari Cruiser independent and her escort group unknown regions

Captain Garros made his way along the Vessels interior towards the command bridge he was joined by Reliant and the Odan Urr out of another mission three cruiser drifted in space making as many repairs as they could from battle damage of the last couple days. The Empire had been infuriated after the battle of Yavin and had been hitting the Rebellion harder then ever before. Various small fleets operated in long range missions while the main Rebel forces hid on Hoth rebuilding and hitting back, The Emperor had sent Darth Vader supposedly to personally over see the capture of that young pilot who blew up the murder machine. In a way their greatest victory was the worse possible thing for the Alliance the imperial Navy stopped at nothing to destroy them now and many of their missions now where ending in defeat or pyrrhic victories

This had to change soon or they’d be overwhelmed and the fire of Democracy stunted by oppression, he eyed the windows of the command center as two more small groups of ships exited hyperspace “any word from the Reliant or Valiant yet?” he asked his head

“No sir” “damn, we can’t afford to loose any more Mon Cal’s “he remarked sitting in the command chair “what news of Admiral Akbar’s fleet?” he asked “it destroyed that munitions factory in the mid rims and is heading toward the unknown regions opposite us” he grinned

Garros sighed “maybe the force is with us after all” he mumbled

“Sir, another group coming out of hyperspace” the yell interrupted his train of thought and he turned eying the com officer “imperial codes, match sensors showing four star destroyers!!!”

“DAMN!!” he yelled “how soon before the Urr is jump capable” he asked eying the larger cruiser “at least another ten minutes sir”

He frowned “alright all small craft make the jump to the local rendezvous point the rest of the fleet engage the lead ISD” he ordered immediately his crew snapped to work, he was proud of his men watching them run about the hum of the ship as the massive vessel moved to engage the Imperial vessels ‘all power to shields launch all fighters we’ve got to buy them some time we’ll escape together” he promised

After a moment or so rebel fighters and imperial ties began their deadly dance the small vessels firing as they darted around the larger vessels that began trading blows, the Urr joining the fray providing support fire as it frantically tried to finish up repairs mid battle.


Several light years away Vi’retess expeditionary force two Jem’hadar battleships and twelve bug’s flew along they had been finished testing out their reverse engineered QSD system, while a good deal slower then the Federations the Engineers assured him that in several months the gap could be closed by as much as fifty percent. Either way they had crossed a thousand light-years inside a day! This had been previously thought impossible this had been exceeded projected expectations and all engineers would be commended

Now they had been off finding these Rebels to make use of in their plans, the old Vorta stalked the command center, eying the bluish vortex as they cruised inside slipstream. “Anything?”

A vorta turned eying him “yes, we’re picking up weapons fire and communications at the edge of our censors communications showing Rebellion and Imperial frequencies” he remarked

“How long until we approach” “we will be at the battle inside thirty seconds”

“Drop out of slipstream at the edge of their estimated range and give me visual” He ordered

Within a moment the old vorta had a clear vision of two large vessels firing on four heavily armed war ships. So these where Imperial ships he smirked “very well armored” he said looking at the scans “yes our weapons should effortlessly penetrate their shields it will take repeated fire to cause critical damage to their armor” the second Vorta said “they have primitive fusion reactors but on a scale I have never seen before, powerful their weapons are primitive “

“The fighters?”

‘Completely a non issues Vi’retess “

“Excellent” he leaned back “fleet wide raise shields and prepare to make contact with both parties in all known frequencies”

‘By your command”
The battle group began to speed up making its way toward the two factions dead locked in combat.
Rebel ship independent

Garros shook furiously as his vessel was hammered both sides by Imperial vessels “report!”

“Rear shields are down we’re taking fire to the armor and our engines”

“Damn” he hissed “alright let’s do something stupid..Aim between the lead ISD and the one to her side full speed ahead “ he ordered as the he felt his ship move into action beneath his feet. While the Imperial vessels had the better armor and weapons the Mon Cal’s made up with it by having a better firing arch and their shield systems that allowed them to hit from areas an ISD simply couldn’t while enduring for a while the punishment of the attacking vessel, he was going to do something risky but make full use of that the large vessel began moving forward towards them firing widely as it went

Imperial Star Destroyer Hexus

Captain Luft eyed the Rebel vessel as it made a ramming like dive right for the center between his ships, he rose up eying it “he can’t be serious? “he remarked eying the vessel these maniacs had jumped and made repairs jumped and made repairs regrouped and hit various Imperial instillations in this sector and it was becoming a real problem, enough so that the Local Moff had ordered this to be an ensured victory or it would be his head.

So far so good while he didn’t get all of them he did catch a sizeable fleet by Rebel standards and was now fully able to pounce on them an easy easy battle

Then this maniac made his way forward the two ISD’s moving apart to keep from getting rammed the Mon Calamari cruiser began to take hits at point blank eroding..its shields further and damaging its engines..Close enough now Luft could see small hull breaches and one missile battery melt shut as Turbo lasers slammed into the vessel as it fired back reaching up so that it rose like an iron tower out of an ocean of blackness it fired downward at the lead ISD dumping all of its TL’s and missiles into the lead ship taking out shields and damaging armor and blasting a large section of armor out near the engines

The surprise was short lived how ever as the fourth ISD turned forward firing on the damaged Rebel cruiser who’s shields where now totally close to failing

Victory seemed within his grasp when a group of ships seemed to fly into view slowing down from speeds he had never seen before “who the hell are they!!” he yelled to an aid as he wiped smoke stained sweat from his face

“Unknown sir the two lead ships are nearly the size of an ISD and I’m seeing some dozen or so support craft”

“Give me a sensor reading on those ships!”

“we can’t sir some kind of advanced shielding is preventing us” he remarked “no known weapons platforms can be seen but I’m detecting at least two dozen ports that look like some kind of laser banks beam weaponry of some kind maybe”

“Too much speculation out of cheap holo novels gives me something tangible”

“Sir we’re being hailed visual and audio”

He turned looking at the com officer “put it through”

On the Rebel Vessel

Garros flinched as his vessel began taking damage then was surprised when all the vessels stopped fighting, that was when his com officer notified him of the fleet entering the fray, he had never seen anything like their designed before, purple and insect like large vessels lumbered forward slowing from speeds he thought impossible “give me the status of those ships” he ordered

“long range sensors are down and we’re still being jammed by the Imperials” a com officer said “wait sir some of kind of audio and visual feeds coming in through the Jamming”

“Well at least we know they’re powerful enough to break Imp jamming what it is saying”

“Attention unknown Vessels you are in violation of sovereign territory claimed by the Dominion” a pleasant melodic voice answered in a tone that for some reason chilled him “launching an unprovoked attack on damage vessels in our borders..cease and desist immediately or be fired on”

“The Imps are responding”

“to Dominion vessels this is the Imperial Star Destroyer the Hexus of the Galactic Empire we are chasing local terrorists and murderers who have betrayed their lawful government any attempt to interfere will be considered an act of war”

Garros Frowned if these people had any sense they’d back down the Empire was truly powerful and if they didn’t want invasion they would leave, though this had bought his sister ship the time needed

“Your internal politics are entirely irrelevant cease all hostile actions in our space or be destroyed”

Garros was shocked by the reply, where they insane?

The Imperials reply was swift and decisive two of the star destroyers moved forward and began opening fire as soon as they where in weapons range on the lead vessels.


Aboard the dominion ship

“They’ve chosen to open fire”

“I can see that, destroy them “ Vi’retess ordered coldly “disable one of these so called Star Destroyers I wish to examine its data banks “

“As you command” the ship shuddered lightly under fire as it began to quickly maneuver backwards while simultaneously unleashing its weaponry

Imperial Star Destroyer Magnus

The Commander of the ISD ordered to fire on the offending troops had suspected an easy run these vessels had no discernable weapons systems or propulsion but then they opened fire with a torrent of neat little white beams that tore through their shields instantly and smashed into armor burning scorch marks the smaller vessels took off like some speed junky in a pod race, firing strafing runs on his ship that knocked out many weapons ports


“Shields are being ignored entirely armor along the aft section is gone a dozen weapons emplacements are down

White missiles flew out of the lead ship then a second it collided with the already damaged section of his ISD and tore into it a large section breaking off and free floating as those accursed beam weapons began firing on the broken exposed insides. The Magnus crumpled under the assault as the second large one joined in the fray firing at her sister ship.

The last thing the Captain saw was what remained of his forward turbo laser batteries firing at one of their cursed smaller ships which blew a section of what he assumed was its star drive off sending the small vessel crashing into his ship in a suicide run

Aboard the Hexus Luft watched in horror as one the most feared class of ships in the Galaxy broke apart under a combined assault of those new vessels “regroup stay close together all fighters and support craft disengage the rebels and fire on those smaller ships” he yelled “concentrate all fire on those two command vessels!!” he yelled

The smaller vessels tossed out their torpedoes white lights crashing into smaller ships and destroying or crippling them, the TIE fighters seemed all but useless as they failed to keep up with the vessels and could not hit them. His ship managed to bring one down under sustained fire it exploded in a violent frenzy , angered their larger masters turned and opened fire on his already damaged ship the enemy vessels shields held out as all three remaining ISD’s fired on the two lead ships the combined might of the three dreaded capital ships began straining the shielding on the lead ship some minor explosions where seen before two of the smaller ships did something shocking. In order to save their command ship they rammed one of the ISD’s which began to explode and vent air and personnel into space a mix of smoke and debris and free falling bodies entering the black void like some twisted macabre flock.

Luft’s eyes narrowed “we’re loosing” he hissed watching the ISD get blown to pieces by fire from those beam weapons the Hyperdrive aboard the Hexus was too damaged to jump his only option was to stay and fight a battle they where rapidly loosing, the two large vessels that remained fired on both of the main ships but a smaller vessel knocked out the Hexus engines and sent it drifting limp and impotent. Freeing up all craft to target and fire on the surviving ISD as it turned to try and make a jump the combined fire quickly overwhelmed defenses and it blasted apart but not before taking down a fourth of those smaller vessels with it to hell.

Garros watched astonished at the battle, those lead giants had for most of the battle stood there and taken the combined fire of three ISD’s and only seemed to be suffering what he assumed was minor damage they had lost support craft but the remainders where viciously mopping up the Imperial support craft

“Can we get communications to them?” “I’m trying sir on all known channels”


Aboard the lead Dominion ship Vi’retess coughed rising to his feet “Damage report” “shields are down decks four through twelve are reporting casualties moderate damage to our port nacelle half of our main weapons are offline” his vorta aid said

The old Vorta sneered “NEXT TIME..WE STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THESE ANIMALS WEAPONS AS POSSIBLE!!” he yelled this was a bad idea very bad, the younger Vorta had decided to teach these “primitives” a lesson often forgetting that occasionally primitive cultures excelled at certain things, making machines of death and war was obviously this races specialty. Evidence by the damage they had received “if we hadn’t moved out of the path to fire if our Jem'Hadar escort had not rammed those ships! we’d be dead and the Dominion would be with out a cruiser our shipyards are not yet at full capacity this wasteful battle cost us more man power and assets then was needed and all because of your arrogance!!”

“It was an unforeseen result how could we have known” he protested offended and furious at that these cretins had dared to stand up to the Dominion

“If you had any experience or common sense this mistake would never have been made, you are a fool” he snapped “but your blundering did provide valuable tactical knowledge and insight, though primitive they’re vessels are by no means weak” he remarked

“We’re being contacted”

“Ah! By our new friends? Excellent “

Vi’retess watched as the viewing screen as the face of a human appeared. The vorta kept his countenance guarded and smiling but deep down he was seething! He had read the reports but couldn’t believe it! This scourge was here as well?! Damn these naked apes!

“I am Captain Garros of the Alliance cruiser Independent “he began “on Behalf of the rebellion I thank you, if you can give us some time we will affect repairs and move out of your territory, I apologize this region is still unknown by our people”

“nonsense the apology is not needed, we are new in this Galaxy “ he said with false humility and a serene grandfatherly tone only a master liar could muster “and have only recently begun to settle this region we are interested in commerce and business and of course friendly relations” he said “but we also do not take kindly to hostility “

He was shocked at what he was hearing “I-I’m sorry did you say you where new to this Galaxy?”

“I did the Dominion is a vast coalition of races who banded together under the founders ten thousand years ago it covers most of my home Galaxy it exists for the purposes of mutual trade and corporation and of course as a peace keeping force, we have only recently begun to explore here we settled several uninhabited worlds and had begun to make contact with the locals” he said smiling as he told a complete lie mixed with a hefty distortion of what little was true

“If you wish we can give you coordinates to one of our trading posts and you may make repairs there, and maybe discuss a potential peace between our peoples?”

“Well I can’t speak for our leaders as to a peace but we would gladly put in for repairs though we have little to trade for it”

He smiled “let us keep this star destroyer and we will call it even” he said with “I will of course make available any intelligence gleaned from it’s data base” he asked

Garros nodded “very well then send coordinates our way and we’ll jump to your sector”

“Excellent” he said “my ships will wait here my vessel sustained battle damage and will need an hour to repair..Of course one of our vessels will go ahead of you to announce your arrival and if it is alright I would like to accompany you on your ship if you don’t mind”

“No not at all I’ll send a transport for you” Garros said

“Ah, that won’t be necessary I will beam aboard shortly”

“Beam?” Garros asked Vi’retess grinned this was going well he both intimidated these rebels and by playing the gracious host lulled them into a sense of security between this and their lie , he grinned now it was time to awe them “the Dominion has had the ability to transport matter across distances virtually instantly for some six thousand years” he said grinning

Garros sported a surprised look “that’s amazing” he said “well if your leaders are interested we can sell them a version of this technology” Vi’retess grinned trying to catch him “that and much more”

Garros smiled “ maybe, we received your coordinates and will jump there as soon as your on board “ he said transferring the coordinates to his companion vessel and all others in the small fleet

“Excellent” the vorta said “stand by to receive me” he said turning back and eying his second who cut the transmission off “tell me something can that Star Destroyer survive the strains of slipstream”

“The ship should but due to lack of any type of inertial dampening technology comparable to the standard of our own Galaxy every one on board will be killed”
“Excellent, lock a tractor beam on the ship and tow it into slipstream the moment the repairs are made, capture some troops and the highest ranking officers let the rest be slaughtered” he said viciously before once adopting the pious smile and transporting to see their new friends.

The Vorta aid smiled as he saw his older CO beam out "these fools will fall to us in short order" he remarked several Jem'Hadar merely gazed at him irked by the fools arrogance the First in their group had been among the few who survived the Dominion War many of them had all fought in much smaller brush fires and all of them knew one thing

a determined enemy made things uncertain

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by sonofccn » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:01 pm

I enjoyed it but if I may make a suggestion for narrative purpuses it might be better to simply say "take damage" instead of "take minor damage" and similar as I thought it broke the tension of an otherwise more closely balance fight of 4 ISD, well three, and two Dominion warships.

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by Admiral Breetai » Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:54 am

sonofccn wrote:I enjoyed it but if I may make a suggestion for narrative purpuses it might be better to simply say "take damage" instead of "take minor damage" and similar as I thought it broke the tension of an otherwise more closely balance fight of 4 ISD, well three, and two Dominion warships.
it was more like 2 and a half with Luft's command ship being already badly damaged and all

Garros thought it was minor Damage it was actually pretty bad his perception tainted by a sense of awe

I thought it was a bit in the Imps favor seeing as they engaged two of the domies medium sized battleships and a dozen Bugs vs three cap ships and what ever the empire considers support craft I'm trying to make it as close as possible with advantages given to both sides- least ways that's what I'm trying to do since the alternative is pretty darn boring some times thanks though next time I'll do less explaining your right it did seem to negate the drama

next chapter should be up soon I'll do a "filler" chapter showcasing Starfleets situation and maybe some internal politicing..and some S31 shenanigans with another chapter proper coming out soon

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by User1442 » Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:48 pm

I stopped reading after the first sentence and simply browsed through. The reason? The grammar is terrible. I often use wrong grammar in my sentences, but never when im writing a story. Wrong grammar does huge damage to the flow of a story, and often a story that is really good is destroyed by bad grammar.

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by Admiral Breetai » Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:40 pm

Yeah Leon I apologize for the grammar I pretty much had to teach myself how to read and write English when I moved to the US so it's not perfect it is how ever, an eternal work in progress

any ways sorry for the slow updates guys it's been busy

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by Kor_Dahar_Master » Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:44 pm

Admiral Breetai wrote:Yeah Leon I apologize for the grammar I pretty much had to teach myself how to read and write English when I moved to the US so it's not perfect it is how ever, an eternal work in progress

any ways sorry for the slow updates guys it's been busy
Alls forgiven here dude i only speak 2 languages bad English and worse English so its doubtful i would notice your mistakes.

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by sonofccn » Thu Jan 20, 2011 5:26 am

Same here and of course don't feel as if you are in a rush with this. In the grand scheme of things this is relativly unimportant, that said however I'm ready for the grand slam no holds barred fight between these two heavy weights. both on the battlefield and on the political arena :0

And not to sound too much like a self-indulgent shill but if you could glance at my latest attempt and give me your opinion I would be most welcome.

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by Admiral Breetai » Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:08 pm

Kor_Dahar_Master wrote:[

Alls forgiven here dude i only speak 2 languages bad English and worse English so its doubtful i would notice your mistakes.
I am relieved I am not the only one
sonofccn wrote:Same here and of course don't feel as if you are in a rush with this. In the grand scheme of things this is relativly unimportant, that said however I'm ready for the grand slam no holds barred fight between these two heavy weights. both on the battlefield and on the political arena :0 ]
you might be surprised
sonofccn wrote: And not to sound too much like a self-indulgent shill but if you could glance at my latest attempt and give me your opinion I would be most welcome.
read it I'll let you know what I think on the thread

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by Admiral Breetai » Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:11 pm

well here's a new chapter allotta vorta BS and misdirection and a brief scene showing what Earths been up too some Imperial raging and petty politicing on both sides

hopefully it's a good read

San Francisco Earth Starfleet head quarters December the 23 2405

Rear Admiral Emon Ruiz made his way down the main corridor of starfleet HQ the new building having been constructed after the Dominion war, was a larger more aggressive looking facility was far larger and contained in it various facilities ranging from emergency command centers to bunkers as well as entire wing dedicated to teaching classes for the new “on the job program” envisioned by Miles O’brien who proposed giving Starfleet cadets practical experience as a means to graduate earlier the program was initially met with scorn but had proven to be a resounding success.

Ruiz joined active duty in Starfleet six months into the dominion war, through dedication and hard work he had risen through the ranks and had seen many things served in many different sections and jobs eventually taking command of Starfleets engineering corps and moving to his current position overseeing all logistical and fleet matters essentially a high ranking desk job for smarter then average mechanics all things concerning the maintanince and support and supply and construction of Starfleet assets fell under his purview a boring job but one that gave him allot of contacts and resources and also time to think..

The Federation had changed since the wars end The Federation council became a far more centralized resembling more a senate now adays and the exploratory and military arm of the federation starfeet had become more of a proper military. No that was an exageration while it was still a peace keeping and exploratory force the motto “walk softly and carry a big stick” had been embraced fully as the war ended and with the expansion of the Federation the neighboring powers diminishing due to the technological gap the climate had become hostile once more aggressive with many younger officers harkening back to the Era of kirks legendary cow boy diplomacy and firm approach to exploration. Ruiz thought it was ironic in an era of peace one manages to create the seeds of chaos.

Making his way towards his office he smiled at his attache a commander Telara a Romulan, when the home worlds sun had been destroyed the military took over and in the instability and chaos that followed the Klingons and Gorn had invaded the empire, what was left of it now deemed the old Empire was devided between them but forty Romulan worlds two of which had been “bread baskets” and contained vital shipyards had begged for Federation protectorate status which had been accepted. Romulans where he noted a complicated race but very duty oriented and loyal Telara had taken a phaser rifle in the kidneys for him at one point and bleeding and maimed dragged him out of a burning corridor in one of the many Skirmishes they had been having with the Klingons

The Federation usually won all major engagements but that time a massive Gorn and Klingon task force had caught them off guard and heavy fighting had broken out before back up could arrive the klingons and their allies fought to the very last, the hatred burning in they’re souls reminded him of only one other

The Dominion.

“Good morning Telara merry Christmas”

“I don’t celebrate sir”

“Pitty it is a fun Holliday and in my culture we Cook a sheep or a Pig and get plastered its fun”

“How very human”

He laughed sitting down “well not every one is perfect like you Romulans”

She smirked and handed him a data pad “Admiral Helena Duvall sent this it was encrypted” she said Ruiz frowned “starfleet intelligence? Why?” he said taking the datapad he typed up a pass code and began reviewing the data before shooting up

“Get me Fleet Admiral Hakoda and Ambassador Lyras now!!”


Unknown regions edge of dominion space

The sun rose over the blue orb, Phanous as the natives called it was an ocean world with very few islands and one main continent. A primitive but hardy species lived on that continent tough enough that the Ancient one ordered Genetic samples be taken to potentially create a race to stand with the Jem’hadar in battle to die and live by command of the founders in this strange new galaxy.

This world this system was a great distraction a hub world with many small industrial facilities and bases as well as orbital platforms a trade hub with the unknown regions and one that would soon serve as the seeming “Main base” of the Dominion in they’re war of conquest with the Galactic empire. The system had two gas giants which where being used to mine for the resources they’re allied races needed as well as materials for the Dominions own use. Several larger shipyards where being constructed, this world was chosen because while it was out of the way it did have major hyperlanes intersecting it making it appear as a critical world for them as well as the war effort. Any major offenses done by the Empire would be done here and on two other worlds keeping leviathan safe and ensuring the War effort could continue no matter what losses had been mounted.

Eiklethat was a Jem’hadar who had served with the Dominion since his birth five years ago and had fought in many smaller campaigns in this Galaxy he was second to the first in charge of this sector. A deep scar tress passed across his features a memory of a battle with a group of people known as the Chiss fierce warriors relentless and dedicated they had fought well and hard and they eventually fell to the Dominion three years ago, it was a costly war the species had a knack for tactics and a natural aptitude for battle that drove the even in defeat. Within a Generation they would become the commanders and fleet leaders of the new Dominion in this galaxy and maybe even replaced the pathetic Vorta. The thought made him smile a little before his eyes darted to the scene of several new cruisers entering the system coming out of what he understood to be hyperspace more of they’re allies some new warships all in all an impressive if small little fleet of some hundred or so vessels. More would be needed if this war was to go in the Dominions favor much more. He looked at his reflection in the window his scar was the reminder of how vicious this Galaxy was, more would be needed


In orbit over Phanous

“So these vessels are far more powerful then we expected?” the voice came from a hologram, an older looking Vorta overweight but with a cold countenance eyed the holographic replay of the battle before his very eyes. “I had expected them to have better range though but this does confirm the intelligence reports”

“it’s the armor our weapons ignore their shield technology entirely but that armor is almost as powerful as that accursed ablative armor those humans in the milky way used” another voice chimed in it was another vorta a grim slender looking one at least twenty more sat some where holographic representations of the Vorta who were in different sectors others sat present at least five non Vorta and several Jem’hadar watched the scene unfold – as well as several members of the various allied races they had drafted into the Dominion

“I don’t like this our resources are spread in constructing these hub worlds and the Leviathan fleet yards have yet to be fully active, we still have yet to fully get the defensive grid active around Phanous as well “ a younger looking Vorta stated “these are becoming expensive propaganda tools and if the Empire should come here”

“they wont not yet” Vi’retess remarked leaning back and shutting his eyes “if things occur in the sequences the ancient one has planned we should be ready to make a great battle worthy of broad cast and inspiration for rebellion throughout the galaxy here, when the time comes” he remarked

“And the rumors of this “Grand Admiral” in the unknown regions on the other side of the galaxy?”

“ah the mad Chiss?” he remarked “I had expected him to be in this area what a disappointing twist” he rose up and paced “if half of what our associates told us is true then we cannot underestimate such a being..” he frowned “assuming he’s not some elaborate legend they concocted “ he grinned malignantly

“Ar’tech “ he said turning to the fat vorta “we will be making diplomatic overtures to the Rebellion while this is happening I want you to head as far into Imperial territory as possible” he ordered “raid and spread chaos and pick up as much Intel on the condition of our enemy as possible”

The fat Vorta’s eyes widened “surely another Vorta a less important one”

“You’re the second oldest Vorta in this fleet your line has served the founders well for over a thousand years” he sneered at his rival “and you haven’t fought a major battle in awhile...take three battle cruisers and oh say two dozen of our smaller craft and begin raiding various Imperial shipyards in the area and I want more intelligence on the regional commanders” he added

“As you order Vi’retess but I worry our resources”

“I have faith you will not die and if you do you’ll have a newer younger body to ruin and bloat into a dilapidated carcass again” he mocked eying the others “all of you have your time tables “he stated calmly “this meeting is adjourned “
All holograms flickered off before Vi’retess turned to eye his Jem’hadar soldiers “you are not needed” they nodded wordlessly departing.


Garros was amazed simply amazed at the facility he was staying in luxurious and vast many races scuttled along ones he had never seen before! He smirked leaning back in his chair he had ordered a meal one that was traditional in this area and it had materialized out of nowhere

Garros second in command a Mon Calamari named Hassani eagerly watched the construction of one of their smaller craft from a viewing screen, in several hours an entire section of its aft hull was put in place partially by workers but partway from seeming thin air this matter replication technology had only been theoretical for thousands of years and the closest any one had ever come was in legendary stories of something called the Star forge or something. He had learned that the warriors who escorted him the Jem’hadar the soldiers of the Dominion where cloned a manufactured species breed to fight and die for the Dominion and its citizens that fact had disturbed him a little and he inquired further. From what he could tell they existed as a massive organization of mutual defense and trade an economic juggernaut who’s military arm was run by the vorta and various other races and who’s leadership where a mysterious race known as the founders. For the most part every one seemed to have autonomy only paying tariffs and resources to the founders in exchange for protection, they seemed to be very distant preferring to allow the day to day affairs be managed by ones own house but he noticed it was very clear, every one ultimately answered to the vorta who answered to the founders this unseen power behind everything. Garros had done some thinking and thought the only thing these guys compared to was the ancient Hutt empire a vast racketeering empire but with out any of the tyranny of the Hutt’s this contradiction and the fact that the quality of life did seem genuinely better for all those under its control he wondered if they where truly an organization to be weary of or one they could align with.

What had weighed on him even more was what Admiral Akbar had sent with his and Mon Mothmas reply to his request to represent the rebellion. Allies of their caliber where needed more then ever, The Empire was gaining momentum and they had begun to hear disturbing rumors that lead them to pressure him to begin discussing terms of some treaty

He was shifted out of this train of thoughts by the shadow that loomed over him, turning up to gaze at the gigantic form in front of him he gazed up and found himself in awe, what stood before him was larger then any Wookie he had ever seen with broad shoulders and a hunched back, a massive head “Captain Garros” his voice boomed “I am General Miraz commander of all Dominion security and ground forces” he remarked extending a hand Garros swore was larger then his torso for his “I am told humans consider this and eye contact a gesture of respect”

“Well, err, that is” he reached out and took it shaking the giants hand as best he could and making eye contact “it is a cultural thing” he rose up “does the Dominion have much experience with humanity?”

“Not very much some misunderstandings here and there but not much” he said Garros quirked an eye brow “in your Galaxy”

“no of course not, come Vi’retess wishes to see you” He said Garros nodded Hassani following him curtly, the old Vorta was a calm grandfatherly alien but he also knew underneath that was a powerful man and a dangerous enemy as they made their way to the conference hall he saw Vi’retess make his way from one of those transporter pads and shuddered he was never, ever doing that ever. Entering into the main conference room he was greeted with the typical warmth he came to expect from the old man and sat down. Vi’retess was pleasant enough some of the other Vorta seemed far too arrogant.

“Vi’retess I have heard back from the Rebel alliance “ he said sitting down “they will send an Ambassador as soon as they can but times are trying and we are being hammered hard by the Empire” he said “it may take time” he cleared his throat “how ever I am authorized to begin preliminary negotiations “ he said

“That is understandable” Vi’retess remarked “and congratulations that is a hefty responsibility to be trusted with” he said serenely “tell me is this your first time playing the great game of politics”

“I’m afraid so” he answered amused, he was trying to get him to lower his guard, Garros decided to play along but kept a close eye on the Vorta’s body language “well first I am curious about your organization” he said “do you wish to expand into this galaxy “

“yes we are how ever willing to settle only unclaimed territory , we are interested only in economic trade and relations with the major powers” he said calmly “this Empire seems to be the antithesis of all that we stand for”

“But there are species in this galaxy under your control”

“By a collective choice of those races, all who wish to join the Dominion may do so we welcome all” he said “but we are not here to conquer” he said

“Yet you took no prisoners against the Imperial forces”

“Just because we are peaceful does not mean we are pacifists I will act to defend all holdings of the Dominion with finality and our policy has always been to send a clear message that hostility will not be tolerated only commerce and trade”

“I see, and why did you side with us and not the Empire?”

“The empire is a chaotic totalitarian group that oppresses the people of this Galaxy you cannot reason with such a group you cannot compromise “ he stated “we choose to side with the side that was most likely going to be beneficial to us in the long run”

Garros was genuinely shocked by the brutal honesty in his colleagues answer and could barely keep that covered “we are a pragmatic people captain" the Vorta began "but we are not absolute in our pragmatism nor are we completely ruthless” he said “on behalf of the Dominion I would like to extend our hand in friendship with the alliance”

“And what would this friendship entail”

“Recognizing you as the legal government of this Galaxy of course and aiding you in your war against the empire, the exchange of goods and resources”


“No, we do not provide weaponry on our level to other species but we will enhance what you have and provide you with a hundred industrial replicators” he said Garros paused, “that’s enough to feed and clothe an entire sector!”

“Not in its entirety” he said honestly “but close or repair and maintain your precious ships and construct some of the smaller ones” he grinned “being able to fight the Empire properly maintained and stocked and all”

He nodded “I’ll have to consult with my colleague when she arrives but in a gesture of good will” he began “will you allow any Rebel forces in the sector to gather here?”

He smiled “I’ll do you one better Captain Garros “he stood up and gestured a holographic image one in far better quality then Garros was used to an image of a star destroyer “consider it a gift of good will on behalf of the Dominion” he said “it is being repaired and new better armor enhanced shields and more accurate guns are being placed in it as well as several smaller industrial replicators a small mobile base”

Garros was genuinely shocked at this a Star Destroyer was a powerful ship that meant business and could police a few systems it had enough ordinance to wipe entire cities off the face of a planet and was highly valued and they where not only upgrading it but giving it away!!!

“We have our own destroyers my dear captain we don’t need to fly the enemy’s colors to win a war” he eyed him carefully “but you might”

Imperial star base Red Dawn

Galadere Suroc stalked along the command bridge of Demeter as it exited hyperspace his ISD returning from the capital and heading to the sector command base, his mind replaying the conversation he had with the grand Admiral, the man was genuinely worried about the unknown and while the rumors had grown loud he had put no such stock in them. Yet one of the highest ranking officials in the Imperial navy all but ordered him to investigate these rumors and off the books no less, and he had as of yet no idea why

Maddening, utterly and completely maddening the universe was clearly going insane! Eying the ships docked he noticed the Magnus and The Hexus as well as two other ISD’s where gone “Commander why is a quarter of my forces missing?”

“Unknown sir”

“Find out” he demanded his aid flinched as he listened to the chatter “sir they went to engage Rebels from the battle tha-

“Yes, yes I know” he said waving his aid off “tell me what happened”

“The Hexus is missing the remains of the other vessels where found in an area of space matching the last known position of the rebel fleet”
“WHAT?!” Suroc yelled rising “impossible the rebels did not have enough resources or power to attack four of my star destroyers!”

“From what the report says an unknown energy source permeated the remains “he said honestly “the rebellion may have had help”

Suroc sat down in his command chair and closed his eyes it was making sense now why he was asked to look into this “get in contact with Moff Turain and prepare a battle group we’re going to search until we find who ever assisted those traitors! Then we’re going to burn them out of the stars” he said coldly

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by sonofccn » Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:18 pm

Sweet! Things are about to get heavy and I did like the POV of the Imperials getting all sweaty and nervouse. They've been the big dog their entire existince but they are going to have to earn that right.

Also could it be possible for Garros, or whomever becomes the Ambassador, to be given a tour of Dominon held planets? To show how nice and peaceful and wonderful live is under their benovolent rule. I'm getting a Soviet "we are here to liberate the workers and peasent" vibe from Vi’retess and him giving a Potemik (sp) village tour would crack me up.

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Re: The Tides of History (an St/Sw cross over)

Post by Admiral Breetai » Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:58 am

you know what? I'm gonna do that can I barrow your idea?

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