Fluidus Potentia Evangelion (FPE re-write)

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Re: Fluidus Potentia Evangelion (FPE re-write)

Post by Khas » Sat Nov 13, 2021 3:25 am

Alright... I know I said that I'd hopefully be able to write it this year... but frankly, 2021 has blown just as many chunks as 2020 did.

- Had a falling out with one of my cousins (Breetai already knows THIS one, talked about it with him on Discord).
- Had to put one of my dogs to sleep, due to cancer.
- Two of my chickens were killed by a raccoon.
- Contracted COVID (thankfully beat it after only a day and a half, but still).
- Accidentally gave my brother and sister COVID (long story, related to having to put said dog to sleep).
- Had to bury my sister's hamster, after I found her dead in her cage.
- My car took a nasty spin back in winter that cost nearly $1400 to repair, due to so many things being walloped.

So yeah, I've just been utterly exhausted this past year, too.

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