Fluidus Potentia Evangelion (FPE re-write)

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Re: Fluidus Potentia Evangelion (FPE re-write)

Post by Khas » Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:29 am

Well, since Chapter Two is getting closer to being finished (work's been a pain in the ass lately), I thought I'd tease you all with a bit of lore for the new FPE-universe.

Much like in the old FPE (and canon Evangelion), Gendo meets with a mysterious, ominous council known as "Seele" (their name being the German word for "soul"). However, here, rather than representing various countries, the members of Seele represent various interstellar powers. Here's who the members (in FPE) are:

Chairman Kiel Lorenz (aka Seele-01). Human. Male. Age: 70. As the chairman of Seele, he represents no particular power, and is there mostly to make sure everyone acts according to plan. He and Gendo used to be friends, but as of late, their relationship has become a bit more strained.

Michael Patrick (aka Seele-02). Human. Male. Age: 45. Represents the United Nations Star League in Seele's meetings. Is also the Vice-President of the United Nations Star League. One of the younger members of Seele.

K'Marot (aka Seele-03). Klingon. Male. Age: 62. Represents the Klingon Empire. Currently the head of the influential House of Torvos.

Narex (aka Seele-04). Breen. Male. Age: Unknown. Represents the Breen Confederacy. Owner of the company that produces the CRM-114, CRM-200, and other such weapons.

Corbin Rodek (aka Seele-05). Cardassian. Male. Age: 59. Represents the Cardassian Union. Current head of the Obsidian Order - assumed power after Enabran Tain retired.

Aun'O Sal'Ores (aka Seele-06). Tau. Male. Age: 30. Represents the Tau Empire. Powerful and influential member of the Tau Ethereal Caste, and rumored to be a close friend of Aun'Va himself.

Nilas Taro (aka Seele-07). Bajoran. Male. Age: 65. Represents the Bajoran Republic. Well-respected Vedek.

Koromek (aka Seele-08). Jaffa. Male. Age: 105. Represents the Free Jaffa Nation. Former First Prime of Sokar, turned Jaffa politician.

Kreg (aka Seele-09). Ferengi. Male. Age: 87. Represents the Ferengi Alliance. Advisor to Grand Nagus Zek.

Far'kel Shadowblade (aka Seele-10). Night Elf. Male. Age: 730. Represents the Night Elf Imperium (aka the space-faring night elves who were due to show up in the original FPE). High-ranking nobleman with connections to the Empress of the Imperium.

Gyron S'Rallik (aka Seele-11). Caitian. Male. Age: 54. Represents the Caitian Confederation. Mining tycoon, companies he owns export large quantities of dilithium, naquadah, and other valuable minerals.

Arskene (aka Seele-12). Tholian. Hermaphrodite. Age: Unknown. Represents the Tholian Assembly. Fleet Admiral in the Tholian Navy.

So yes, these are the people Gendo is conning into furthering his own goals.

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Re: Fluidus Potentia Evangelion (FPE re-write)

Post by Khas » Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:44 am

Chapter Two

Rand and Misato continued walking up the dirt road, taking them further and further from the village of Emond’s Field. As they trekked onwards toward his house, Rand – clearly curious about exactly what the Star League would want with him of all people – started asking Misato questions.

“You said that you work for a ‘unique’ branch of the Star League military. Well, what’s its name? And more importantly, what does it do?” Misato smiled slightly, anticipating questions that Rand would have questions like this.

“Well, I can’t tell you TOO much out here. But I can say that we’re called Nerv, and that we deal with various threats that the rest of the galaxy doesn’t even know about. Mostly involving various hostile aliens, or arcane matters that even the Asha’man can’t handle on their own.” Rand’s eyes widened at that particular statement. The Asha’man were human Channelers – people who could tap into a mysterious energy field known only as the One Power to perform feats that could easily be described as magic. Setting fires, conjuring storms, triggering earthquakes, and more were all abilities these men and women had at their disposal. His own world had its own organization of Channelers, the all-female Aes Sedai, but they used their powers almost solely for civilian purposes. The Asha’man, on the other hand, were solidly a military organization, as much as Starfleet, the MACOs, the Starfighter Corps, the Space Wolves and other so-called “Elemental” super-soldiers, and so on.

“And… I take it that ‘hostile aliens’ doesn’t mean some slightly overeager Ferengi?” Rand asked jokingly. Misato laughed.

“You’re right about that.” she said. “Tell me, aside from the Ferengi, how many non-human people have you met?”

“Honestly… none.” Rand replied. “I’ve heard stories though, but a lot of them were probably exaggerated. Even so, I’ve always wanted to meet an Ogier.” Rand spoke of the race of tufted-eared giants, half again as tall as a human, who inhabited some of his homeworld’s more isolated regions. Misato nodded at his response.

“Well, to give you a list of some of the alien races humanity has encountered, not counting the Ferengi, Ogier, or Trollocs – assuming you could call a human-animal hybrid an ‘alien’ – we’ve made official contact with the…” Misato took in a deep breath, knowing that even a ‘short’ list of known alien races would be a long one. “Klingons, Cardassians, Jaffa, Oranians, Unas, Bajorans, Asgard, Caitians, Nausicaans, Breen, Goa’uld, To’kra, Tau, Kroot, Vespid, Tholians, and…” Misato shuddered, as if recalling a particularly unpleasant memory. “Pakleds. And there are certainly even more out there. Some of these alien races are on good terms with humanity. Others, not so much. But even the ones on that list that hate our guts don’t concern Nerv.” Rand blinked, feeling a little bit uneasy.

“They don’t?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Nope.” Misato replied. “Because unfortunately, Nerv has bigger fish to fry. Like the Undine.”

“Undine?” Rand asked, his feeling of unease only growing.

“I’ll have to tell you more about them when we get to your home.” Misato said, narrowing her eyes. And the rest of those ‘bigger fish’ after you’ve been brought to Nerv-HQ. The Angels, along with whatever else in the Dead Sea Scrolls ends up being true. “Security reasons, you know. Can’t have any unwanted guests listening in.” Misato shook her head, and seemed to instantly regain her former perkiness. “So, how long is it to your home, anyway?” she asked.

Rand, thoroughly disturbed both by the thought of aliens who not even Starfleet would deal with, and by the implications of Misato’s mentioning of “unwanted guests”, stumbled for a few seconds before he could answer her question.

“Not far. Just a few hundred feet up that way. Ah, there it is!” As Rand said this, Misato squinted her eyes again, trying to get a better view in the glare of the afternoon sun. After roughly half a second, she saw it. A solitary farmhouse, resting on the edge of the forest known to the locals as the Westwood. In the fields around the house, a herd of sheep grazed, ignoring everything aside from the grass. A small apple orchard stood slightly closer to the house, while multiple rows of tobacco plants growing directly up against one of the walls soaked in the bright autumn sunlight. A single chestnut brown horse galloped around the field, with not a care in the world. Misato smiled at the sight, which reminded her of the countless picture books she’d had as a child.

“Like stepping right into a painting.” she said, savoring the view. Taking a deep breath, Misato began walking forward again. “Now then, let’s get inside. We’ve got business to take care of.”


As they opened the door and stepped inside, Misato got a good look at the place Rand called home. A table surrounded by four chairs stood in the middle of a room with a dirt floor. On top of the table lay some simple food – a loaf of bread, a wedge of cheese, some links of sausage, and a bowl full of apples. Next to the table sat several large bottles, the smell emanating from them revealing their contents to be home-made hard cider. Towards the window on the opposite side of the house, Misato noticed a still, surrounded by bottles of what she assumed to be apple brandy. Misato turned her head to face the fireplace and the shelf above it, on which rested three weapons.

The first was a sword encased in a black scabbard, upon which a bronze heron was displayed. The second was a longbow, whose quiver full of arrows hung from a hook on the side of the shelf. The third, to her surprise, was seemingly the only piece of modern technology in the whole house – a plasma rifle, along with its power packs, almost certainly purchased from a Ferengi trader.

Continuing her scan around the interior of Rand’s house, Misato found a step ladder that lead up through the ceiling to a second floor, a level whose contents she could only speculate, but guessed that it was either a bedroom or attic. Place is a lot nicer than I thought it’d be. Misato thought. At least, it’s neater than my own apartment.

"Nice place you got." Misato said, finally voicing her thoughts. “You live here by yourself?”

“No.” Rand replied. “Still live with my father. Someone has to help him ever since my mother died.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.” Misato said.

“Don’t be. She died eleven years ago.” Rand looked around the house, searching for his father. “Dad?” He called out. “DAD!?”

“Hang on…” came a voice from upstairs. A few seconds later, the voice’s owner – Tamlin “Tam” al’Thor – climbed down the ladder linking the first and second floors of the small farmhouse. The large, gray-haired man straightened his shirt before facing his son. “Yes, Rand?”

“We’ve got a guest from the Star League military. Dad… this is Colonel Katsu…. Katsur…”

“Katsuragi.” Misato said. “Lieutenant Colonel Misato Katsuragi.” She extended her hand out to Tam. The middle-aged farmer extended his own hand and gave Misato’s a hearty shake.

“So!” He said, letting go. “What brings a colonel to our humble little village? Looking for troops?”

“Something like that…” Misato began, reaching into one of her coat pockets. “Well, more like a single troop. Specifically, Rand.” Rand and Tam exchanged a confused look. Misato sighed. She pulled out a small device from the pocket in question, and placed it on the table. “What I’m about to say is highly classified. It does not, I repeat, does NOT leave this house, understood?” Rand and Tam both nodded. “Computer.” Misato began. “Display all available data on the Undine. Authorization: Katsuragi Four-Seven Alpha Tango.”

“Stand by for Retinal Scan.” the feminine, computerized voice said. A beam of light shot out of the small device, beginning the process of mapping the blood vessels of Misato’s left eye. As the blood vessels were scanned, the internal computer began comparing it to the previously recorded retinal data. 99.999999999999999472% match. Well within acceptable deviations. “Access granted.” the computer replied. “Welcome back, Colonel Katsuragi.” Misato sighed, knowing that this was going to be a long briefing.

“Six months ago…” she began. “Humanity came into contact with a previously unknown race. A race we now know as the Undine. And to say that they’ve got the top brass panicking is perhaps the understatement of the past few centuries.” Misato pressed a small button on the device, and a holographic image of an alien creature emerged. The… thing was nothing short of hideous. Three legs, which ended in digitigrade feet, supporting a vaguely humanoid torso, from which two long, spindly arms also emerged. Instead of a single neck, the creature had three muscular strands which connected its head to its torso. And the alien’s head itself only served to heighten the sense of other-ness. The eyes especially. Piercing, with their cruciform pupils, they seemed to gaze directly into one’s soul, all the while revealing a malevolence that knew no bounds. These eyes sat above two elongated nostrils, which in turn rested above a small, almost vestigial mouth.

“That’s… an Undine?” Rand asked, visibly disturbed just from the holographic image.

“Unfortunately, yes.” Misato replied. “And to make matters worse, each Undine is about as tall as an Ogier – about three meters, or ten feet. And they’re mind-readers.” The look on Rand’s face changed from one of “mere” disturbance to utter horror. To think that this creature would be able to probe into one’s thoughts, and could know everything about you in mere seconds.

“And… and the reason you’re showing me this is….?” Rand began, almost certainly knowing the answer to this question.

“The reason I’m showing you this is that, out of all the people in the Star League, you’re one of the few who can operate a newly-designed weapon capable of fighting the Undine, should they decide to openly attack.” Misato replied. “And…” she began. “If you’re wondering how we know that you’re one of the few people who can use this weapon, well…. I’m not at liberty to talk about that. At least, not outside Nerv-HQ.” she said. Not if I don’t want my head to be served to Commander Ikari on a plate. Rand mentally went over what Misato had told him. After a few seconds, he started chuckling.

“Well then, looks like I don’t really have much of a choice.” he said, a weak smile on his face. “When do I start?”
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Re: Fluidus Potentia Evangelion (FPE re-write)

Post by sonofccn » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:42 am

Quite a kick to the teeth, huh? Yesterday Rand barely aware of the universe beyond his homeworld and some Ferengi merchants. Now's he's being recruited into an elite organization to fight against a hellish race of beings from beyond the curvature of our space/time.

Hope the poor guy knows what he's signing himself up for.
-Respectfully, Sonofccn

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Re: Fluidus Potentia Evangelion (FPE re-write)

Post by Khas » Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:31 am

Yeah, the Undine/Species 8472 aren't exactly known for being easy to fight. Or pleasant company. ;)

Also, it's going to be REAL hard to sleep at night knowing that the Obsidian Order is now a puppet organization for Seele....

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Re: Fluidus Potentia Evangelion (FPE re-write)

Post by Khas » Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:12 am

Also, just like in Old FPE, Nerv isn't just a human organization - it has branches in all of the main interstellar powers - as well as on multiple planets in those powers. Here's a brief "Who's Who" for some of the more important Nerv bases in this story. You should recognize a few of these names...

Commander: Gendo Ikari
Vice-Commander: Kozo Fuyutuski
Operations Director: Misato Katsuragi
Technology Department Head: Ritsuko Akagi
Chief Inspections Officer: Ryoji Kaji

Commander: Regina Kasteen
Vice-Commander: Ruput Broklaw
Operations Director: Ciaphas Cain
Technology Department Head: Felicia Tayber
Chief Inspections Officer: Amberley Vail

Commander: Corat Damar
Vice-Commander: Sigol Rusot
Operations Director: Ravel Dygan
Technology Department Head: Gilora Rejal
Chief Inspections Officer: Elim Garak

Commander: Bareil Antos
Vice-Commander: Kira Nerys
Operations Director: Shakaar Edon
Technology Department Head: Aylam Desca
Chief Inspections Officer: Ro Laren

Commander: Kamrok
Vice-Commander: Dairos
Operations Director: Telmek
Technology Department Head: L'Kora
Chief Inspections Officer: Sokron

Commander: Aun'El Sai'kora
Vice-Commander: Aun'Vre Tel'armis
Operations Director: Shas'El Kaynar
Technology Department Head: Fio'Vre Tor'zoin
Chief Inspections Officer: Por'El Khal'tar

Commander: Sar'tok
Vice-Commander: Kem'resh
Operations Director: Nal'zon
Technology Department Head: Kar'relt
Chief Inspections Officer: Kamris

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Re: Fluidus Potentia Evangelion (FPE re-write)

Post by Khas » Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:37 am

Also, I mentioned that the Asha'man are human Channelers. However, other species have their own organizations of Channelers as well. The Klingons have the Morak'tal, the Cardassians have the Jade Order, the Bajorans have the Pagh'kejal, the Jaffa have the Osi-Enesh, the Breen have the Telk Omar, and so on and so forth.

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Re: Fluidus Potentia Evangelion (FPE re-write)

Post by Khas » Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:34 pm

Well, this delay was embarrassing. I assure you, I haven't forgotten this fic, it's just that, well, the past year or so has been rather.... emotionally draining for me. I am working on Chapter 3, so don't worry. Now, to hold you over a bit.... a little worldbuilding is in order.

In the FPE universe (as opposed to the canon Star Trek universe), the Cardassians never occupied Bajor. Why? Simple. Bajor had already achieved warp-flight, and was already operating on the interstellar scale by the time the Occupation would've taken place. That's not to say Bajoran-Cardassian relations were friendly - the two races used to never hesitate to antagonize each other. There even used to be an on-and-off melee-a-trois between the Bajoran Republic, the Cardassian Union, and humanity's United Nations Star League.

Then the Trolloc Wars broke out.

In 2362, catching the Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers effectively with their pants down, the Trollocs attacked en masse. A race that had once been presumed to be a Goa'uld genetic experiment gone wrong (they WERE human-animal hybrids), and possessing at most, iron age technology, had launched an interstellar blitzkrieg with little warning. These wars did more for the cause of inter-species cooperation than the best diplomats of the past few centuries could have hoped for, as the United Nations Star League, Klingon Empire, Free Jaffa Nation, Caitian Confederation, Tau Empire, Breen Confederacy, Tholian Assembly, Cardassian Union, Bajoran Republic, and Ferengi Alliance all banded together in a valiant (and thankfully, successful) effort to contain the destruction caused by these beastmen.

To say that this chaos caused stronger bonds to be formed between the powers is to undersell the enormity of it. The Demilitarized Zone, that tumultuous area on the border between human and Cardassian space, found itself utterly devastated as the Trollocs (and their Myrddraal offspring/overseers) systematically destroyed every last colony in that region - human and Cardassian alike. With these raids passing too close to Bajor (and by extension, Cardassia) itself for comfort, the Bajorans and Cardassians decided to put aside their old rivalry, and construct Terok Nor to serve as both a listening outpost and a fleet-launching platform.

Today, in 2379, with the Trolloc Wars long over, Terok Nor has since been abandoned by the militaries of the two species, and has now fallen under Nerv's control. The station is jointly administered by Nerv-Bajor and Nerv-Cardassia, and is currently the site where the construction of Evangelion Units 12 and 14 is finishing up.

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